Pearl Clutching Alert: Range & Restaurant in Daytona Beach

Clutching Pearls

Miguel notes that our opponents are freaking out because a shooting range in Florida is also going to have a license to serve alcohol. He is correct to point out that this is nothing new, and also perfectly safe if done correctly. But since it helps drive the narrative of the reckless gun owner, the media will be happy to run stories on this.

My club has a strict “no alcohol on premises” rule, and it’s against the rules to be intoxicated on club property. But I’ve been to other clubs that have a bar, and even one club that had a pretty decent restaurant on site too. The rule usually is if you come to have a drink, you get flagged and aren’t allowed to use the shooting parts of the facility. Most clubs I’ve ever been to, rules are taken quite seriously and the penalties for serious safety violations are generally ejection from the club.

But Americans have always been a bit puritanical about alcohol to begin with. The Swiss take it even a step further, and it’s not uncommon there to have a glass of wine or beer before hitting the firing line with fully automatic assault rifles. I don’t think anyone would argue the Swiss are irresponsible with firearms. It’s a different culture, and a different set of attitudes. I thought we were supposed to celebrate diversity, and different cultures?

Regardless, there’s absolutely no danger in what this club is doing if it’s done safely, and I’m sure it will be done safely.

4 thoughts on “Pearl Clutching Alert: Range & Restaurant in Daytona Beach”

  1. We had a guntry club open earlier this year in Melboure, an hour south of Daytona. Great club, Frogbones (Navy diver slang). Very good restaurant and bar on one side, shop and range on the other. If you get a drink they stamp your hand with a UV ink stamp. When you check in for the range they scan your hands with a black light flashlight. Very safe and secure–since it is a UV stamp you can’t really stop in the restroom and wash it off.

    It’s also very busy. Very.

  2. People go full-stupid freaking out about alcohol and guns because there is a small percentage of (usually, but not always, other) people who don’t know their limits (or refuse to admit them) and go full-stupid getting drunk and shooting.

    It’s yet another case of the vast majority of us having to put up with crap, because a small percentage can’t behave themselves.

    That said, I have NO trust in people. So I wouldn’t open one of these (alcohol serving) restaurants attached to a shooting range myself. Too much liability for me! However, I could see myself going to one and having dinner following, or followed by, a nice round of shooting. I’m thinking it would be a nice idea for a second or third date with the right girl. :)

  3. I live in Daytona and we suffer from a lack of shooting ranges.

    So, gosh golly, I guess I’d better go check out this place by shooting and then having a glass.

    For science.

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