Weekly Gun News – Edition 6

Pretty clearly I need to do a better job of keeping this feature a weekly one, or I’m going to have to change it to biweekly gun news. So what gun news is there? Let’s clean out the tabs!

A reasonably balanced article in Jezebel about moms and guns.

NRA directly addresses the impact of Obergefell on concealed carry reciprocity. I really hope no one ends up going to jail because they believed this.

CNN’s Lynne Russell: “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions.” Good for her. Minding other people’s business has become an epidemic in this country.

Are school shootings contagious? We in the gun blogosphere have been saying for a while that the media attention the killers get are the prime mover for mass slayings. Not that they should, but no one will speak of restricting the media from glorifying the killer, because of the First Amendment. A shame the Second doesn’t draw as much respect.

Jacob Sullum: “‘If Congress had passed some common-sense gun safety reforms after Newtown,’ President Obama said on Friday, ‘we don’t know if it would have prevented what happened in Charleston.’ Actually, we do know:

NRA a hate group? Yes, says gun control group.

A review of the Walther CCP.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy is trying to shut down the nation’s largest FFL, arguing that Walmart can’t possibly sell guns responsibility. Remember folks, they aren’t after your guns, only trying to ensure you don’t have anywhere to buy one. Common sense gun laws!

Of course, the gun ban lobby, much like our President, is lately enamored with Australia’s gun laws, which conducted a forced confiscation.

Positive coverage of the gun issue in…. the Boston Globe?

Chris Christie is trying very hard to ease his problems with gun owners, but he’s got a few other bills he’ll be expected to veto coming up. I just don’t see how he’s going to get through the primaries as a blue state Republican governor. But then again, I never would have expected Donald Trump to jump into the number two slot, ever.

Leland Yee takes a plea deal on racketeering charges.

Top three contenders for the XM17 modular handgun program.

Remember, gun control groups claim that guns are less regulated than teddy bears.

There is an effort in New Jersey to recall Stephen Sweeney. As a wise man once said: punch back twice as hard.

Hey, Uber, how’s that anti-gun policy working out for ya?

Off Topic:

Greeks vote for free money to fall from the skies. Eventually socialism runs out of other people’s money. The Germans have snatched back their credit card and probably aren’t giving it back. This will not end well. Take a hard look though, because this will be us eventually, if things don’t change. It’s already partly here.

On that George Takai thing calling Justice Thomas a “clown in blackface,” I couldn’t agree more with Ace. I was surprised he apologized. Who was going to force that? Certainly not the media, and certainly not the Social Justice Warriors.

8 Responses to “Weekly Gun News – Edition 6”

  1. Sigivald says:

    “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions.”

    I find it amusing that there’s a lot of overlap between the people who think that’s Terrible Awful No-Good Policy That Murders Everyone … and people who will say “Don’t like abortions? Don’t have one!” as if it’s an axiom from on high.

    All I want is consistency from ’em…

  2. Brad says:

    RE: Jezebel story

    How sad is it when an article which is only 50% B.S. is what we have to settle for as a “reasonably balanced article”? I guess we have been desensitized too much by articles which are 100% B.S.!

    • Sebastian says:

      In traditional reporting, you try to get both sides. So if an article accomplishes that, I tend to label it as more balanced.

      • T. I. Row says:

        The piece in Jezebel was very strong. It was frontloaded pro-gun (the first half) rather than the reverse. Smart pro-gun people are usually quoted in the back half or tail end of a piece at best, so Jezebel did a reversal. That was really noticeable.

        Also, the NRA woman who spoke with them gave two or three very positive remarks. That showed the mainstream gun establishment (represented by NRA) engaging with other women bloggers. Smart for expanding the base.

        TL;DR I agree with Sebastian

  3. Brandon Combs says:

    Thank you for being one of the few who didn’t perpetuate the Obergefell nonsense. We don’t have enough hours in the day to combat the BS from ignorant (or traffic-hungry) people on our side in addition to the BS on the other. I’m looking forward to featuring this website in an upcoming article on must-read blogs.

    • Sebastian says:

      Thanks. I posted on it when it first came out, and worried greatly people might take the supposition seriously. That only got worse as it spread. It was one of those things you just knew was going to spread quickly, because it was emotionally satisfying.

      • Brandon Combs says:

        Emotional satisfaction isn’t simply a problem of the other side. You do both do good work. It’s valuable.

      • Alpheus says:

        What annoys me about how this meme has spread is that it went from “This case can possibly be used to our advantage, if we get a case before the Supreme Court!” to “Hey, this case means we can strap a gun to our hip and walk down Wall Street in Downtown New York City!”

        While it’s important to explore the legal ramifications of the decision, going from speculation to “Hey, it’s as legal as anything!” is stupid, to say the least…

        (Even if the case means what we’d like it to mean, which, given the latest ObamaCare case, is doubtful–the Supreme Court is clearly now a court of “It is so because we say it is!”–it’s going to be a while before a case percolates up through the courts. If someone wants to be a test case, that’s fine, and I wish the best for them…but I also hope they have a very good lawyer covering their back!)