A Harbinger of Federal Action on Suppressors?

It’s a good omen when Chris Cox is bringing the Josh Waldron, President of SilencerCo, out to the annual Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation Congressional Shoot-Out:

This would be an indicator that NRA is doing the necessary ground work to push for having suppressors removed from the National Firearms Act at some point in the future. If we have a favorable outcome in 2016, something like that might make a good second term project for a Second Amendment friendly Administration. Though, maybe I’m being wildly optimistic. I’m probably being wildly optimistic.

14 Responses to “A Harbinger of Federal Action on Suppressors?”

  1. borekfk says:

    For some strange reason I have a feeling that somebody supposedly on our side is going to screw gun owners over when it comes to this.

  2. BTR says:

    Hyperacusis and tinnitus are no fun.

  3. Mike says:

    Even if this fails its still a win. We make the antigunners fight against something. Maybe we don’t get full removal and just get the transfer tax cut to $5. Incrimentalism is a two edged blade.

  4. Countertop says:

    i have a 50% off coupon from them, they had a silencer in the raffle, and I got to shoot a bunch of suppressed shotguns (awesome, but the silencers weight threw off the balance on the sporting clays course (of course if I practiced with it that might not be an issue).

    They did a great job, with reps at each station that had suppressed shotguns. Expressed safety for shooters hearing and improved neighbor relations. I ended shooting with an African American Democrat member of
    Congress (who I’ve shot with before) and he felt the same way about the suppressed shotguns. It threw weight off.

  5. Patrick H says:

    I wouldn’t say wildly optimistic. I’d say normally optimistic. I believe within ten years they will be off the NFA.

  6. Even converting suppressors into a cash & carry NFA item with the $200 tax paid on the spot and an instant NICS check would be a big win. Cash and carry suppressors (and even SBRs) would greatly increase sales, which creates voters who care and allows you to go back for another bite in a few years.

    • Renegade_Azzy says:

      Still puts them out of financial reach for most people… and much the point of them being on the NFA in the first place.

      Sorry, but I dont have $200 to throw to the feds. They suck enough of my income as is.

  7. Ian Argent says:

    Incrementalism as a sound political strategy. Who’da thunk?

    • HappyWarrior6 says:

      Short answer: Yes, in this case. Not always. It’s always good when you have the momentum and have the luxury of clarify of thought when faced with a situation. Riding high on a few course cases our way helps.

  8. Geoff says:

    Drop everything from the NFA. None of the items have been used in crimes except 2 machine guns since 1934, and one of those was committed by a cop. If you can pass the NICS and the FBI check to own a gun, then there is NO REASON for the $200 tax and all the hoops to jump through to own one of the items.

    • Sebastian says:

      That’s fine, but you have to convince lawmakers. Suppressors are the lower hanging fruit, because short of a gun to put it on, it’s a paperweight. It’s a lot easier to make the case for delisting those. So we make it, get them delisted, and then move higher up the tree.


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