As Texas Gun Bills Advance, Media Plays Race Card

An open carry and campus carry bills are moving along in the Texas legislature. So desperate are our opponents to stop this bill, they’re dragging out probably the most effective argument you can use to make GOP politicians think twice about voting for something: imply if they do so, they might look racist. And really, are the numbers they present that bad?

Half of hispanics support the concealed carry law in Texas? That seems roughly on par with other polls I’ve seen, not broken down along racial lines. Only 45% of blacks oppose carry, with 33% supporting? I don’t think this paints the picture of such a disaster for the GOP as opponents of these bills are trying to make it out to be.

2 thoughts on “As Texas Gun Bills Advance, Media Plays Race Card”

  1. Not like voting against these is going to make the blacks suddenly start lining up to vote for republicans…

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