Fear is All They Have, Because They are Afraid

States United to Prevent Gun Ownership opened a phony gun shop in New York City to sell fear and shame. I agree with people who say this is desperation. Their real fear is that with a few more favorable court rulings, we’ll be opening real gun shops in New York City, selling real and legal guns, to ordinary people who aren’t celebrities or rich bankers as under the current privileged regime.

But to do that, we need another strong Supreme Court ruling from the courts. To get another strong Supreme Court ruling form the courts, we have to win the 2016 Presidential elections so we have a chance of making this a 6-3 or 7-2 Court on a strong Second Amendment. The chances of the entire Heller 5 surviving another Democratic Administration is practically nil. If we lose 2016, we will almost certainly lose the Second Amendment as any real meaningful protection. That’s what’s at stake. That’s why I’m so disappointed seeing people falling into Obama’s trap and tuning out. That’s what he wants you to do. That’s why he hasn’t moved to the center. He’s willing to burn it all down to get what he wants, and it would seem a lot of us are willing to let him.

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  1. fknauss says:

    The proper response to the horrible incidents they highlight is not to get rid of guns, but to promote more responsible gun ownership.

    There is not a single safe visible in that store – I am disappointed that none of the customers ever asked about one.

    • AnOregonian says:

      If someone did point out the lack of safes (saves?), you would never be allowed to see it, as that doesn’t agree with their objective.

    • HSR47 says:

      The glass door/window also doesn’t appear to be at all hardened against a break-in attempt.

      It makes me wonder what they do with the guns when they close? Do they all get moved to a secure area, or are they just left in the glass cases inside a non-hardened glass-fronted store?

  2. Patrick says:

    Wish I hadn’t lost the link, but I saw a poll from South Carolina last week of Republican voters that said while many expressed strong views who the candidate should be, 72% said that they won’t need a candidate to agree with them on every issue, in order to vote GOP in 2016.

    This was apparently a new trend, but there were no numerical comparisons to previous years so I have no idea how big of a change it was.

    I don’t like XX, but I’d vote for XX,” was the big thing I took from it.

  3. The_Jack says:

    There’s also those trying to make a virtue out of dropping out and claiming that it won’t be their problem.

    Such as…
    I actually do not care very much if Hillary Clinton is president. What would really be different? Oh, of course she will be cruel to her political opponents, siccing the machinery of the government on them; but I no longer intend to be her political opponent, not in any more than a chiding way, so what do I care about that?

    Now actual Republicans may have cause to worry but that’s their own business.

    Right, because if you’re apolitical and stand outside of poltiics then you’ll be left alone.

    It’s like they’ve forgotten that the *entire* motivation of such politicians is going after people who want to be left alone.

    • Sebastian says:

      I read Ace, and I’ve been disappointed in these posts. Anyone who thought the GOP was going to change anything from 2014-2016 was kidding themselves. At best they can take some pot shots at him, maybe some jabs here and there. But Obama is not willing to compromise, and the media is ready to cover for him when things start shutting down.

      • The_Jack says:

        I wonder how much of it is green eyes with the progress that has been made with the GOP with gun rights as you mentioned in “The Long Struggle ”

        Versus how much is simple fatique and dashed hopes.

        What I do know is that politicians care about incentives, and while an individual citizen may not have much leverage (voting, writing, advocacy, donations) someone who does none of the above… has *none*.

        But what is most telling to me is the wish that if *he* stops playing the political game… the politicians will let him.

    • Ace is wrong headed about the 2016 elections. Who wins the Presidency is going to matter A LOT.

      “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”



      • Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

        Who wins the GOP primary matters a lot. Because if its another Romney or McCain, the GOP will have lost. And so will gun owners. Because who ever wins the presidency, nothing will change. We need a Paul or a Walker to change things (not that it will be big changes, but enough).

        Ace makes some great points. The GOP leadership needs to wake up and notice that people have realized that they don’t have to vote, or they don’t have to vote GOP just because they generally lean that way.

  4. RAH says:

    If gun owners do not understand that the Democratic party wants to ban guns and eviscerate the 2 and Amendment then they have their heads in the sand and deserve to have their guns taken.

    Those who do not cherish liberty are destine to have it taken from them.

  5. John says:

    Yay!!! They were able to convince people to not buy guns… in a fake gun store… Where there were no guns for sale…

    What was the point of this?

    • Bill Twist says:

      One wonders how many people still wanted to buy the guns even after their ‘anti-sales pitch’, but you don’t get to see it because that would run counter to their argument.

  6. RAH says:

    I hate to say it but the GOP is fighting with hands tied behind its back. Obama will flout and destroy the nation in order not to lose. His reaction to Netanyahu win shows that he is going to throw Israel to the wolves (Arab nations in the UN} just because he won his election. His sycophants are actively promoting Obama ignore any SCOTUS judgements. Obama is becoming a tyrant in truth. NO GOP wants to impeach the first black president but they may be the only way to stop him and even then the GOP does not have the votes. They are a majority but not a super majority with over 2/3 in the Senate. The GOP tried that with Clinton. He was impeached but not removed since the senate did not back the House.

    Ace is wrong. He fails to know the full threat and willing to surrender. There may not be an ability to surrender. This is a long fight. Not a one election solves all problems. His rant really sounds childish. Like a child threatens to hold their breath until they get what they want. Not going to happen

    • Sebastian says:

      There’s a lot the GOP could do, but it would probably pay a price for it headed into 2016. There’s a few things I hadn’t considered going into this whole thing 6 years ago. One is that the a weakened media establishment would be more controllable by the White House. Even though the media has always been filled by left-leaning elites, it’s hard to imagine a White House thinking they could dictate to the media in the 60s through 80s. The media was a more powerful institution.

      The other is that Obama would not be like a typical politician that backs down when the electorate offers him rebuke. Clinton, for all his faults, largely did make compromises with the GOP, and moved his Administration to the center. There were still fights, and still shutdowns (which hurt the GOP), but nothing like what we have now. An unimpeachable President, who is willing to do what Obama is willing to do, which is burn the whole Country, and the World, to the ground if that’s what it takes, is a formidable adversary. Especially when the White House also controls the media.

      • RAH says:

        I worried when he got elected he would try a Hugo Chavez but then kept saying no not possible. Obama feels unfettered. The interview with one of his henchmen was scary. Basically they said every time they doubled down they won and succeed and their poll results went up. Now it was true the rabid left was happier every time Obama defied Congress and the Republicans. The election result in 2014 showed the country did not like it. Obama really think the only opinion that matters is his and his base. Obama feels very powerful in his lame duck season. He not accountable to anyone.

  7. Jim Jones says:

    And if you didn’t notice at first, the actor playing the gun shop owner is Ned Luke, the voice of Michael in Grand Theft Auto V. If you are not familiar with video games, Grand Theft Auto is a franchise where you get to act out all of your criminal fantasies in a 3d world; car jacking, beating civilians, assassinations, robberies, sleeping and killing hookers, etc. Essentially, anything goes. Now I understand that Luke is an actor, but for the Brady Campaign to use Michael as their spokesperson for this fabrication is hypocritical on so many levels that my head might explode. I know that he is just an actor trying to make a living, but I predict that this will backfire spectacularly for dear Ned. His Facebook page is already taking a hit.

  8. RAH says:

    The ad was using a fake store front. No trigger locks and probably not real weapons. The customers were actors I checked out the advertising agency that did the video. Other check the FFL licenses thru 3/2015 and that location did not have an FFL

    • Shrimp says:

      The guns were movie props, rented locally (NYC), most likely. They are the only way to have “weapons” of that variety on display. Airsoft would have had to have orange tips, and they certainly were not real firearms.

      What was the name of the agency? I’ve tried looking through agencies in NY to see if I can find these actors, but without anything to go on, it’s a stab in the dark. I am sure that I have seen the actor at 2:24 in something else.

      I have looked through the FFL database, and there has never been an FFL at 149 Orchard St, NY, NY. In fact, it appears there has never been an FFL anywhere on Orchard St. Which is no surprise. You don’t need an FFL to make a video and pretend to sell firearms which are actually props. I wonder if they filed all their paperwork for filming a “movie” in NY.

  9. Carl from Chicago says:

    Might someone remind me whether that States United org is funded by Joyce Foundation or by Bloomberg?

  10. HappyWarrior says:

    Yup. I believe we’re basically one Supreme Court justice away from real armed insurrection (the real kind… Not the CSGV fantasy version). Bumpy ride if things get much worse from .gov in 2016. There have been more high profile police shootings recently, or at least if you ask the media there have been. Definitely something different at play this year going into the next presidential cycle, and I don’t like it.