Chicken Little on National Reciprocity

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s editorial board doesn’t like Act 192 very much, or National Reciprocity. The media has been chicken little on this issue since the 1980s, and it’s always been a big nothing burger once it passes and blood fails to run in the streets. I also very much enjoy this meme promulgated by ignorant journalists:

The bill would hold hostage states with stronger gun laws (Pennsylvania, for instance) to those with weaker ones (such as Florida).

What? Despite our opponents best efforts to lie this meme into existence basic research, even ten minutes on Google, would have shown this to be complete nonsense peddled by groups who aren’t afraid to lie to make their case.

All it took to get my PA License to Carry was to go down to the local County Office, fill out a form, get my photo taken, pay $26 dollars, and one week later the license came in the mail after clearing the PICS check. That’s it.

To get a Florida license, I first had to get a training certificate. That wasn’t free. I think the one day course cost about 150 dollars. Next, I had to go down to my local police station and get fingerprinted. They charge ten dollars to do that. I had to get passport photos, so another $15 or so dollars. I had to fill out a form that was much more involved than the one Pennsylvania requires. I had to write out a check for 112 dollars, and send the application packet in. I had it sent back, because they require the LEO contact information to be on the fingerprint card, and I had forgotten that. Then I had to wait while they ran the FBI check. The license came in about 4 weeks.

No one who has ever had to use both systems would argue that Florida has the weaker system.

I’d also point out that no one on the editorial board even bothered to look up that Pennsylvania and Florida already have reciprocity, and that the bill currently in Congress would not allow a state resident to carry in her-or-her own state solely on an out-of-state license. So with regards to their objection about Florida, the bill in Congress would change absolutely nothing.

7 Responses to “Chicken Little on National Reciprocity”

  1. The_Jack says:

    Ignornace is Strength.

    /Arguments/ like this only work if the intended audience is ignorant (or doesn’t mind being lied to).

    I mean we all know why Florida was picked for the scaremongering and oikophobia. Facts are secondary.

    And as we’ve seen with so many of the “Using a spree killer to push for universal background checks despite said killer stealing or buying from an FFL” it really *is* too much for the antis to acutally look at the legal status quo, let alone discuss how a proposed law is actually written.

  2. HappyWarrior says:

    If they were really concerned about states “holding people hostage” or fairness, they would be questioning why NJ residents would be held hostage while travelers from other states would have more of a right to carry than an NJ resident would in their home state. Because, well, it’s about fairness and equal protection under the law, right?

    • Left Coast Conservative says:

      Because they dare not mention one possible result of that: New Jersey residents might start demanding fair treatment from their state when they see out-of-state visitors carrying, and nothing bad happens. The myth that armed people in public are dangerous will be blown in a why that the NJ government cannot refute. Then what?

  3. Joe_in_Pitt says:

    The antis and their media stooges love to play it both ways…they yell and scream about (insert state here)’s “lax” gun laws when they’re trying to deny rights, then turn around and commend the same state’s “strict” carry laws when fighting reciprocity. And they’re always lying their asses off on both accounts.

  4. jdunmyer says:

    Michigan’s law has always been (since I’ve been aware, anyway) that we honor ANY State’s CPL/LTC/CCW Permit/whatever that belonged to a resident of the issuing State. Even you folks from PA, with your lack of hoops to jump through in order to obtain said permit.

    • It is the same here in Missouri, even for Missouri residents. I intend to get my Missouri CCW permit because the reciprocity is much better than for the Arizona and Florida non-resident permits. Also, when Federal reciprocity is achieved, one will need a permit from their state of residence.

  5. eric says:

    fuck these liberals faggot, guess what we have been taking your shit law for years and we dealt with it like men. now its our turn and we get to shovel shit you dont like down your throats. open the fuck up and deal with it.