Tuesday News Links 03-10-2015

Time to clear the tabs again:

Clayton Cramer: Gun control laws don’t create safety, only illusions. The fight for Constitutional Carry in Idaho is still hot.

They see me trollin’, they hatin’. Never occurs to them that the reason people do this is because it baits people on the other side into revealing what petty hand wringers and rabid busybodies they are for all to see. Plus, look at all the sickos who think the picture is sexual? And they think we’re disturbed?

Josh Prince: Did AG Kane fail in her statutory duties regarding reciprocity? She’s not going to prosecute herself, though.

Is your Congress critter on the list of reps who signed the M855 letter to ATF? Mine isn’t. The only member of the PA Republican congressional delegation to not sign on. That’s because he’s not running again in 2016, and he’s never really been with us. Even Pat Meehan signed it!

USA Today: “Giffords draws crowd at D.C. event to support gun control” Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Google has already done a lot to destroy blogging, but this may actually kill it off for good.

From the land of Brady Board member Joan Peterson: “More Minnesotans have handgun carrying permits than ever before.” Minnesota’s murder rate is typically at European levels.

The Fourth Amendment is dead. Hey, it’s fine as long as “they’ve been regulated for centuries.”

Walker supports ending Wisconsin’s waiting period. Worth remembering that our last Republican President won office saying he supported banning assault weapons. This is a welcome change.

Joe Huffman takes a look at polling on guns in the home.

Remember, gun control people tell us that it’s very important for gun owners to be well-trained, and then turn around and mock and oppose training.

Florida Carry countering Bloomberg’s astroturfing.

Mance v. Holder stay denied by judge.

Iowa considering legalizing suppressors.

Pat Toomey makes the list of most vulnerable Senators in 2016. How’s that gun control working out for ya Pat?

I’m happy to see Justice Thomas embracing non-delegation doctrine reform. I think this has been a much greater problem for traditional American liberty than the expansion of the commerce power.

And so it begins: handwringing and hysterics from the media over national reciprocity.


14 Responses to “Tuesday News Links 03-10-2015”

  1. Beatbox says:

    Yay for SCOTUS on Amtrak. Now maybe the trains will start running closer to on time.

  2. Rob says:

    So am I really suprised that Pat Toomey makes a list about bieng vulnerable for reelection? But your other choice is Joe Sestak.. yea FAIL

  3. Joe_in_Pitt says:

    Kane: She’s nothing more than a shill for Bloomberg. Might not be flashy anti-gun, but you can always rely on her to use whatever power her office has to abridge our rights on the down-low.

    Letter to ATF: Tim Murphy is solid on the 2A so I didn’t have any doubt he would sign it. I’m really hoping at the next redistricting I don’t get pulled out of his district since I am on the northern fringes of it.

    Toomey: I think we may be reaching a tipping point where a pro-gun figure will start having a real tough time at winning statewide races. Not saying it’s impossible but the demographics seem to be working against us. We’re already long lost on the federal level.

    • HappyWarrior6 says:

      What are you talking about? “Long lost on the federal level”? Most congresscritters that hail from the Commonwealth are pro-gun, and we have a pro-gun state legislature! We had signatures from a majority of PA politicians on the ammo ban letter (including Toomey).

      Yes, we are unhappy with Toomey, but there is a big difference between Sen. Bob Casey and Sen. Pat Toomey. Sestak is even more extreme. You’re way off.

      It’s been well known for 30 years or so that PA pulls from a different body politic in federal elections, similar to what happens in gubernatorial elections. Most of that is the influence of the “collar counties.” But most candidates elected to the U.S. Senate have a history of centrism. Of course where “centrism” defaults to on the gun rights scale is anyone’s guess one election year to the next.

      • Sebastian says:

        I agree with Happy Warrior. We still have a pretty strong pro-gun culture. The problem we have in this state is Democratic gun owners not realizing how bad things are going to get if they don’t start voting their gun rights.

        • HappyWarrior6 says:

          Yup. And if anyone needs more proof of what Sebastian says, sit in on a couple of your local gun club meetings. Even in “pro-gun” Lancaster County you find your share of FUDDS. And I use that term sparingly ONLY to denote the clear cut “NRA badge wearers” that have theirs, know better than you, and “no one needs more than…” when you corner them on an issue. These are not gun-aficionado hunters. Some of them are even NRA range safety officers. Sometimes I fear “our side” more than theirs. Get out there and educate people. Getting elected as an officer of your local gun club would be a start.

          • Sebastian says:

            I overheard a guy at my club say “Ain’t no purpose for those things. You can’t hunt with ’em.” in regards to AR-15s. Those “I’m a gun owner, but…. ” people exist, and in larger numbers than a lot of gun owners think.

            • HSR47 says:

              Which is another reason why we need to get rid of antiquated bans on the use of entire classes of firearms for hunting in this commonwealth.

          • Sebastian says:

            I was tempted to say something, but I overhead it. If it had been said in an open meeting, I would have challenged it. In addition to being secretary, I’m also legislative chair.

            • HappyWarrior6 says:

              I can believe what you say for sure. Similar incidents have happened here in Lancaster gun ranges. Gut check time…

      • Joe_in_Pitt says:

        By federal level I meant presidential elections, not the congressional delegation or state legislature. Probably should’ve used different language.

  4. Ratus says:

    Well, three is a ‘crowd’. :D

  5. Jeff Dege says:

    “Iowa considering legalizing suppressors.”

    Not only Iowa:

  6. asdf says:

    Minnesota has a super low murder rate because it’s like -25c there in August. Oh… that, and it’s almost 100% people without color.