16 thoughts on “How to Avoid Carjackings”

  1. And another ecotourist gets a valuable lesson about how nature is not the same as Disney movies.

  2. Last summer a 350 lb. black bear was rummaging around in the garbage can full of sunflower seeds we keep on our patio to feed the birds. I was watching closely from inside our big patio doors, and flashing him with a bright flashlight to see if I could dissuade him.

    It eventually occurred to me that double-pane, non-tempered glass was really not much of a barrier if said bear decided to take a run at me, causing a hasty retreat and resorting to Plan B.

    1. I hope part of plan B included a large rifle, even if it was just part of the transition plan from B to C.

  3. Coulda sworn I’ve seen a Far Side cartoon of this. Another case of life imitating art.

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