Loss Prevention at Gun Shops

Since my sister works in a retail loss prevention unit (basically, she catches shoplifters), I found this story to be rather amusing.  It takes a certain kind of stupid to try to steal a gun from a gun shop, but that didn’t stop an Ohio man:

Saturday afternoon a white male in his probable 30’s entered Lock Stock & Barrel Gun Shop in New Boston to look at firearms. He decided he liked a particular AR15 rifle, moved toward the front door proudly holding it up, then politely telling the sales staff “Thank alot guys!” and ran out the front door.

The sales staff, consisting of a local firefighter who is former military and an NRA Range Safety Officer; the owner who is former military and an NRA Instructor and a gunshop employee who is an NRA Range Safety Officer and an avid bodybuilder weren’t feeling nearly as generous as the thief may have previously determined.

Read the whole thing.