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Sort of a mini-news links, since there’s not honestly much happening today to comment on:

Everytown was on the hunt for victims to exploit, but then something rather unexpected happened.

This is a few years old, from Don Kates, about myths in regards to European gun laws and gun ownership. Europeans are not so disarmed as Americans often think.

Via Tam, some commentary about the M14 that’s riled up a lot of M14 fans. More from Weaponsman.

Shannon Watts hitching her BMW to the wrong horse. The funny thing is these people really aren’t very good at what they do. A decade ago, the Bradys honestly made fewer gaffes. But Everytown has money that Brady could never have dreamed of.

NRA is coming to Emmaus. Gun owners in this state should be very worried, because we’re already showing a lack of ability to hold statewide offices despite the Democrats running really lackluster candidates.

Gun bills return to the Colorado Capitol, but this time, hopefully, it’s our turn.

Good to see Elanor Clift is alive and well, and as ignorant as ever.

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  1. That video take-down was pretty good. Very amusing.

    Being from Oregon, I’m very familiar with Mr. Floyd Prozanski. He perennially introduces a bill to “close the Internet sale loophole”, which is sold as a “close the gun show loophole (that doesn’t exist)” bill. Every. Damn. Year.

    The trouble this time, though, is that since the so-called “GOP wave” election, Oregon is even bluer than before, so he might actually get it this time.

  2. I left a post on Weaponsman about the pile on job the posters there were doing. The way they were talking, they must have thought the M-14 was a magical wand whose parts never wears out. Let’s be realistic. All weapons have teething problems when they start out, and all weapons have design limitations. Sheesh.

  3. As for Colorado, there is nearly zero chance of the bills passing both Houses and zero chance of Hickenlooper signing. Its a show for us by the state GOP. Which they owe us, but still a show.

  4. I’ll be travelling to Italy this summer for a family wedding and I (jokingly) asked my cousin if I would be allowed to bring my AR. He decided to write a smart-ass response regarding Italian gun laws, and through some of my own light research I was quite surprised at how the gun laws are structured there. Yes, there is registration, and for some calibers you will need a special permit, but I was honestly pretty surprised to learn owning a semi-auto handgun or rifle is not out of the realm of possible there.

    1. A surprising number of european nations also have CCW. Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia (or was that Czech Republic?), and maybe even France.

      Granted a good chunk of them are pretty restrictive May Issue. But not all of them.

      Really UK-style gun laws seem to be out of the european norm. Course they do have registration…. and a *lot* of unregistered guns.

      1. The Netherlands is probably right behind the UK in terms of restrictions on gun rights.

    2. I was pretty surprised to learn from my relatives who had grown up in the Soviet Union (and a couple who had been sucked into it in 1941) that gun ownership in the Soviet Union was actually somewhat more liberal than gun ownership in New Jersey. They still had the hunting guns they had owned while they were exiles in Siberia. As with most material goods, ownership of guns was more limited by economics and availability than by politics.

      I was also surprised, after the fact, that when I visited their formerly Soviet Republic after independence, firearms freedom for alien visitors was greater than Pennsylvania’s firearms freedom for its residents. I could have taken two handguns with me “for sport or self-protection,” no questions asked and no permits required.

      1. Thanks for the insight. It really is interesting because from a gun rights perspective here in the US we always emphasize the history of our firearms culture, and some of us seem to view Europe as a land of disarmed anti-gun sheep. We tend to forget that Europe has been using firearms in various ways since as early as the 13th century.

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