Another Victory for Texas OC Activism

Suddenly there aren’t the votes for it in the Texas Legislature, according to the Lt. Governor. Remember, before their little stunt, this was supposedly a done deal. Are Second Amendment supporters going to get anything out of Austin this session? Remember, the Texas Legislature only meets on odd numbered years for a 140 day session, so anything we don’t get this session will have to wait until 2017. I do hope there are at least the votes to remove the prohibition on carry on college campuses this session.

So far all all the OC Tarrant County folks have accomplished this session is getting the legislature to install panic buttons, and scuttling a bill that looked like it had the legs to pass. What else will they manage to accomplish in this legislative session?

15 thoughts on “Another Victory for Texas OC Activism”

  1. Idiots. They deserve this for their boneheaded moves. I wonder what they’ll do next? OC into a school and initiate a lockdown? Given the complete lack of grey matter, it seems quite the possibility.

    1. “Idiots. They deserve this for their boneheaded moves.”

      I agree with your sentiment, but unfortunately the vast majority of the people affected by this outcome aren’t the “OC Idiots”.

  2. It only takes a few dumbasses to screw up a lot of good work by other people.

  3. I don’t agree it was a done deal. Partially because the bills that were actually filed varied wildly and the most referenced one also did away with permitting for CHL – which was not a very popular idea.

    Add in that various Texas news stations did pieces with owners and employees of gun stores and gun ranges saying that it was a bad idea to let anyone carry a firearm without training etc… and you have a growing tide of uncertainty around the bills that were introduced.

    The publicity around the OC stunt did significantly contribute to the lack of votes – but I don’t think it was the only problem we faced.

    And I’d also say that I don’t think it is time to say game over yet…

  4. They deserve it? I think their primary goal is attention.
    Who cares about consequences?

  5. Why it is when the anti-rights cultists paint everyone in a group with a broad brush we get up upset but some people feel free to do the same thing to pro-rights people?

    This wasn’t “Texas OC Activism” in general but the actions of a few. I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to see you smearing the OC activists like this. At least you finally named the small part responsible — what is the saying ” you buried the lede”.

      1. The job of a news source is to relay the news, not to dumb it down to the lowest common denominator.

        Whether or not people are familiar with this particular group of miscreants, it’s important that we don’t criticize the wrong group here.

        As I recall, Open Carry Texas is a distinct group, one which has generated significant bad press in the past. OCT has, apparently, learned some valuable lessons from this, and as such it is unfair to write headlines that seem to cast blame on them for actions they are not party to.

        When people misbehave, they, and not unaffiliated third parties, should have to answer for it.

  6. By Matt W: “Add in that various Texas news stations did pieces with owners and employees of gun stores and gun ranges saying that it was a bad idea to let anyone carry a firearm without training etc

    This is a bigger problem than most pro-gun people realize. We saw that here in SC last legislative session when Constitutional carry came up in the legislature, and we’ll see it again this session. Gun dealers and their employess who conduct paid training see Constitutional Carry as a threat to their wallets.

    There is a local gun shop I will not set foot in because whenever the local TV stations want a “the sky will fall” anti-Constitutional carry sound bite they’re eager to comply.

    I consider their actions nothing short of treason toward citizens and gun owners.

  7. The dilemma we face is — how does our movement which is dedicated to individual freedom, police our own side?

    1. Take lessons from the Amish: ostracize and shun them.

      Keep their names (Kory Watkins) in public, and make sure their local ranges get word. A little polite pressure on ranges and shops to avoid doing business with these guys can help. If you are running an event (3 gun, whatever) just do a name check. Also, chances are these guys claim some sort of “industry” connections – they will be trainers or work at a shop part-time or something. Avoid paying people who pay them.

      To that end, OC Tarant County has three commercial sponsors (

      Ace Automotive Services
      Phone: (817) 649-1138

      A1 Custom Tac
      Phone: (972)-765-4506

      Hunting Knives Store

      OCTC is harmful. Sponsors should know they are harmful, and we simply should not be around harmful people. That includes those who sponsor harmful people.

      I was tangentially involved in at least two cases outside Texas where private ranges threatened a lifetime ban for people who were planning to attend an OC Rifle event like this. It worked. Take away their toys and access to the community. Peer pressure can work.

  8. Well, reality is different from what the lamestream media portrays. I work in Travis County 5 days out of 7 and have been working on gun bills since the 80’s. First, the session hasn’t even started. The House doesn’t even have the committee members chosen. And Patrick stepped on his dick with his statement. He campaigned on “I will FIGHT for open carry”. It’s on his web site in JUST THAT SENTENCE. And to have thrown it and gun owners overboard now, 15 days into the session, has ignited a FIRESTORM! His credibility is at stake. The local talk radio had 2 hours this morning and in Austin, “Moscow on the Colorado”, 9.5 out of 10 callers expressed their “discontent” with Patrick and his “he lied to us to get elected”. His office is keeping a tally of support and opposition to his new found “position”. This is just the beginning. It should make for a smooth trip for campus carry. 19 of 20 Republicans in the 31 member Senate co-sponsored the bill. And other bills improving concealed carry and eliminating some gun free zones will come up. And there are all flavors of open carry bill. We’ll see what happens. But if anybody reading this wants to back open carry, call 512-463-0001 and tell them that. A few choice words on Patrick throwing gun owners under the bus would be appropriate also.

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