Congratulations Texas!

You now have a “Florida Loophole” too, though they haven’t called it that yet. Maybe Pennsylvanians are more apt to think Florida is a sketchy place than Texans are, or something. Either way, expect anti-gun forces in Texas to try to tack this on to the repeal of the ban on college campuses. Hopefully they’ll have about as much luck with that there as they did here.

11 thoughts on “Congratulations Texas!”

  1. This session of the Legislature, there will be 102 Republicans and 48 socialists in the House. I don’t think it will be a good year for the brady types.

  2. Too bad the citizens of these states can’t just get a (currently open-carry, soon to be concealed) “permit” from a state like Wisconsin. …they don’t require any permits.

  3. He try to make it sound like a problem with other states’ training requirements. But, I think it is more telling that he talks about the fees the state is missing out on. Texas has one of the most expensive concealed carry licenses in the country. If we would drop our CHL fee in half, I think it would encourage a lot of these people to choose to get the Texas license instead.

  4. Frankly, I can’t get worked up over this. I’m in Missouri. I have a Missouri CCW. The residents of the states should comply with their state’s laws. If that state has CCW, then should have comply and get one from your state.

    That’s not to say that you should only have one from your state of residence but if there is one, you should get it first. If you don’t like provisions for CCW, change them. But I don’t see an issue with a state requiring their residents to get a CCW first from their state.

    Big flap over nothing.

  5. The proposed NJ Shall-issue law is, in part, being touted as a solution to the state’s budgetary woes – with $50/permit/year going explicitly into the state’s general fund. That strikes me as a hard row to hoe for the defense in the face of the Heller Majority; taxing a fundamental right and ONLY that right.

    I don’t know how TX’s fees are apportioned, so I can’t say if they suffer the same potential disability

  6. They managed to get passed here in Colorado as well. But with even more restrictions.

  7. Crucis in Pennsylvania there is a character clause in our License to Carry Firearms law. If your local sheriff dos-int like you, or is anti gun, you may be denied an LTCF. This happens in Philadelphia and in other locations in Pennsylvania.

  8. First rule of negotiating is don’t offer your opponent something for nothing. We may, in PA, have to cut a deal on the reciprocity issue, but not unconditionally.

  9. From when I was investigating getting an FL or VA non-resident permit, it appears that there’s a couple of states that only accept permits issued by the state of residence on the east coast (SC and one other).

    Quite frankly, this is someplace that Congress can step in under the 14th amendment; they can force reciprocity and force shall-issue. The first could theoretically happen (arguably Richard Lugar stopped it last time), but the second, well, see the header bar for my estimate of the chances…

  10. “Less training requirements” in other states statement is BS. I just did my Texas CHL 2 months ago, and the “training” class was a joke. They should just give a CHL to anyone who passes a background check.

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