Senator Bob Casey Pushing Gun Control

Senator Bob Casey is pushing for more gun control, including gun bans, I might add, in this Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed. There aren’t many comments right now, so I would encourage everyone to go comment. Please let the Senator know what a flip-flopping liar he really is, and make sure the public knows. This guy ran in 2006 as a moderate, with an NRA A rating. He turned out to be a far-left liberal who supports gun bans. Bob Casey completely lied about being pro-gun. People don’t like politicians who are liars, so I think it’s important that everyone know what he is.

5 thoughts on “Senator Bob Casey Pushing Gun Control”

  1. Congress owes it to those who have been affected by firearm violence to consider each proposal fully.

    Congress did consider each proposal fully. National Concealed Carry reciprocity was the most popular proposal. The policies Sen Casey likes got spiked especially hard, and would probably fail with even broader margins next year based on recent election results. None of Sen Casey’s preferred policies even made it out of committee in the House (thanks, Rep Goodlatte!).

    More of the “national conversation” nonsense. We had the conversation. You lost.

  2. Its a shame when voters get duped into thinking that some US Dem Senator is on our side regarding 2A issues. Let’s look at the Schumer-Manchin-Toomey bill. What “good-NRA rated” US Dems voted against US in a tough vote? Tester, Donnelly, Manchin, Casey, etc. Which Dems voted with us on that bill? Baucus, Begich, Pryor, Heitkamp. Baucus saw the writing on the wall for his stupid votes on Obamacare on other Obama crap and bailed for the Ambassador of China position. Begich and Pryor got bounced for the same reasons as Baucus – and good riddance as they were replaced by good 2A Senators (we’ll see about Sullivan though). The only one that seems trustworthy for now is Heitkamp as she also voted against Murthy for Surgeon General.

    The state levels Reps/Senators are a different story . But the lesson here I think is that rarely can you trust a US Dem Candidate/Senator who claims to be “good” on 2A issues.

  3. or, instead of commenting in some newspaper internet comment section, that only about 100 people read, 70 of which are our team, you could do something useful like light up the Senator’s office with calls, emails and faxes. Then repeat.

  4. At least you didn’t have to wait until Casey was a lame duck to see his true colors. Once they were lame ducks, Begich, Pryor, and Landrieu came out of the closet. Hagan had started to come out earlier with her vote on Manchin-Toomey.

  5. Ah, nostalgia.

    “After years of Pennsylvania’s gun owners selling their votes cheaply, a ‘pro-gun’ candidate thought they could be had for nothing.”

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