Interesting Development in PA Spree Killer Case

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I noticed last night the media reported the spree killer attempted a carjacking in Doylestown, which is the seat of my county. What the media didn’t report is that he may have made the error of bringing a knife to a gunfight, and gotten himself shot at by the guy he tried to carjack. They don’t report whether he was hit, but I would bet not. Not the wisest thing to do, to try to carjack people in a state where about one in every 6 adults has an LTC.

UPDATE: I’m told local news sources are reporting the incident may not have happened. I’m still going on the last police statement on the matter, bad spelling and all.

UPDATE: The spree killer has been found dead near his home. He shot himself. So the guy who did the Doylestown carjacking wasn’t him. Now, if it turns out that the guy who claims to have fought off a carjacker was making a false report, trying to be the hero, you can bet your first born the media will be sure to spread that far and wide.

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  1. Saw on FOX the DA is not confirming that, that incident is related.
    God forbid they confirm an armed Citizen scared off a murderer, and thwarted a carjacking and maybe worse.

  2. The link suggests that the killer stabbed himself:

    Bradley Stone appears to have killed himself with “self-inflicted cutting wounds to the center of his body,” Montgomery County District Attorney Vetri Ferman said. A knife was found nearby, she said.

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