Civil Rights Victory in Connecticut

Gavel in Court

No, they didn’t throw out Malloy’s new gun control law, but it’s still very good news. The Connecticut Suprem Court has ruled that Connecticut’s law making transport of firearms between residences is unconstitutional per the Second Amendment. The decision was 7-0, so not even close! They squashed a conviction for someone who was arrested, tried and found guilty on two counts of having weapons in a motor vehicle. He spent 15 months in prison. Now he’ll have his gun rights back.

4 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in Connecticut”

  1. Even more interesting because the Court acknowledged that 2A protects arms that are not firearms.

  2. His life was still turned upside down. He was jailed for 15 months. The average known criminal felon gang banger gets less time for possessing a gun, as the prosecutor throws that charge out.

  3. It blows my mind that it got that far. It blows my mind that some police officers make arrests for this stuff or that prosecutors waste time and money prosecuting them. Unbelievable…

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