Murthy Confirmed in Lame Duck Session

Well, the NRA loves themselves a good villain, given that it’s good for fundraising letters. While I doubt anyone can top Bloomberg in the category of juicy villains, I have very little doubt that Surgeon General Murthy will not disappoint. He eked by the Senate with 51 votes. Remember that Reid had changed the rules so that confirmations don’t need to reach the 60 vote majority to overcome a filibuster.

NRA scored this vote, but with enough Democrats getting the boot this cycle, that unfortunately doesn’t carry as much weight as it would have before the election.

One thought on “Murthy Confirmed in Lame Duck Session”

  1. As a political ideologue whose sole qualification was as an Obama bundler, I predict that he will make an idiotic comment that firearms are “vectors” for a “gun violence epidemic” in 3…2…1…

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