Your Morning Hate

Amanda Gailey is either engaging in epic click baiting, or she’s full of hate and prejudice for people who love the Second Amendment. Given that she volunteers for Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, my bet is on the latter. It’s the typical common tactic of our opponents, to find random jerks on the Internet, and paint the whole movement. I’m shocked (shocked!) that if you look on the Internet, that you can find your share of jerks and losers. This is true of any issue.

I’ll be honest, my enthusiasm for blogging isn’t what it was even a year ago. A big part of the reason is that years ago, we felt like we were closer to the tip of the spear, taking on the established media. For a while people took us seriously. We were taking on people who had credibility as journalists, and were beating them.

These days, the entire Internet feels like a vast wasteland. People like Amanda Gailey don’t have credibility. There’s no pedigree, no credentials there. Amanda Gailey is just an ignorant hater with access to an editor who is happy to have the click bait. We’re no longer taking on any establishment. We’re reduced to arguing with crude children.

8 thoughts on “Your Morning Hate”

  1. It’s gotta be the hate given the antis are trying to use situations where the *only* guns were in the hands of the police as a way to advance their agenda.

  2. Here’s your Monday morning pep-talk.

    The reason you’re now arguing with petulant children is that people who value their credibility can no longer throw around debunked stats (ie. lies) without being challenged. They used to be able to state with impunity, “You’re 43x more likely to be killed by your own gun!” or “There have been 100 school shootings since Sandy Hook!” Because of the internet and you bloggers that’s no longer the case.

    You did take on ‘credible journalists’ and the established media, and you know what? You won! And here’s the proof,

    Going forward, where the fight over facts and logic were what carried the day against the established media, it’s now time to get to the heart of the matter, that the remaining anti-rights people are driven by nothing other than hatred and bigotry.

  3. I will agree with AnOregonian. You beat the ‘credible’ journalists. All they have left is that slop. That writer considers herself an English teacher? Hope she never has to teach research papers or anything. her ‘story’ was all over the place, had so many strawmen it could be a scarecrow and was just wrong on so many levels. All emotion with these people, facts are just ignored.

  4. I read that crap this morning and it seems as if the anti’s are trying to celebrate the Newton disaster and pin it, once more, on decent gun guys. This mixed metaphor thing about Ferguson and gun guys makes my head spin about 360 degrees and keep on spinning it’s so confusing and convoluted. Yep there are a few goofy folks on both sides of this issue that say and do crazy stuff but the difference is that our loonies are not in the White House or holding the Atty General office.

  5. “The public, at large, is still figuring out that possessing a platform doesn’t automatically impart legitimacy.”

    —Dan LoGrasso

  6. One more pep talk thought. Nobody wins talking to the trolls and true believers on either side, who’s important are the lurkers who are listening and coming to conclusions, and you may never know about a win with them directly.

  7. And to think, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has the likes of Gailey polluting the minds of their students. She is an Assistant Prof. of English there. I bet if she fails to get tenure she’ll blame gun owners.

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