How Times Have Changed

It used to be in lame duck sessions of any given legislature in this country, that’s when you had to worry about the knives coming out from the anti-gun forces. It was a great time to get a controversial gun control bill through when the consequences has already been decided in the previous election. New Jersey, particularly, is famous for lame duck anti-gun bills. Now it seems that we’re going the opposite direction in Ohio:

One bill, Senate Bill 239, would allow permit holders to carry concealed guns in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. It also would loosen restrictions on how guns must be carried in vehicles. It was opposed by a number of major state law-enforcement associations, but Gov. Ted Strickland said this summer that he would sign it.

The other, Senate Bill 247, would allow people with certain misdemeanor drug convictions to carry guns.

SB 247 is being mischaracterize here, and has more to do with prohibited persons under Ohio law than it does with carry in particular. Currently any drug conviction at all makes you a prohibited person, not just for carry, but for possession as well. This would up the requirement so that the drug conviction would have to be a felony. The bill would still prohibit someone who is an unlawful user or dependent on drugs or alcohol from possessing or carrying a firearm. The bill only gives relief to someone who is denied because they may have had a misdemeanor drug conviction in their past. The bill also changes the application for relief from disability somewhat, presumably to cover someone who may have been adjudicated an addict or drunkard, but who has gotten clean.

But it’s interesting that now we’re running pro-gun stuff in lame duck legislatures rather than the other way around.

3 thoughts on “How Times Have Changed”

  1. I’m torn.

    I’m happy that Ohio is fixing this, it was a pain in my ass to visit Columbus last week and carry properly. On the other hand I’m really not fond of any legislative action during lame-duck season.


  2. Agreed slipping crap legislation in during a lame duck session is bs, however, it is nice to see it being done to the bad guys. Who knows, maybe they’ll remember what it was like to have it done to them and action can be taken to prevent any legislation from being passed within a lame duck session except for some clearly defined exceptions to ensure that government can still function (budgetary items for example)

  3. It would be nice to get this through during the session though. The lame duck Democrat Governor already said he would sign it. The incoming Republican governor is a known anti and Brady supporter. There is a chance he could veto it.

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