Dead Air

No posting from me for a while. I have been working every waking minute, amounting to about 18 hours a day since last Monday, including the weekend. The client project is wrapping up with a good old fashioned death march. It might be over after next week. I’m not sure, however. In the mean time, I’m going to be scarce around these parts. Apologizes, but the mortgage doesn’t pay itself.

3 thoughts on “Dead Air”

  1. BTDT. Several years back we killed the survivors and promoted the wounded after a series of 100 hour weeks.

    Then, because we barely succeeded, management wanted to do it again a few months later, this time offering to contract some hired guns to ease the staff burden. I related the ancient proverb that “it is not possible to produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant” as we walked out of the conference room en masse.

    It seems there’s some sort of Alzheimer’s Effect that takes place when engineering staph gets promoted to management which makes them forget what’s involved.

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