Eric Holder Resigning

Eric Holder has announced he’s stepping down as Attorney General. The best prediction of the next happenings at the Department of Justice was found on Twitter:

20 thoughts on “Eric Holder Resigning”

      1. Well, time to tart the happy dance!!!!
        I’d like to say ANYBODY will be an improvement, but……


  1. I’m surprised he made as long as he did. All said, this is pretty normal for AG’s to only stick around for a single term or so.

    Before celebrating, I want to know more about the expected replacement, Solicitor General Don Verrilli – has he argued 2nd Amendment cases in front of the court? Or only the ACA case?

    1. Yeah Heller for the Federal government. Verrilli is a good guy. He has been stuck arguing the Feds line to his loss. Verrelli seems honest.

  2. Holder should be in prison right now but never will be. It’s disgusting because now he’s going to be living off taxpayer money for not doing any work. Of course when he was doing work pretty much everything he was doing was illegal and unconstitutional but still.

    It’s incredibly disgusting that he will never see justice for his actions. Him and all those other Obama camp people because being being disciples of and literally worshiped by progressives and media Obama they pretty much almost literally view as a literal god not superior to God himself as Bloomberg likens himself to immune to repercussion for any actions they perform.

  3. Apparently, there’s a bunch of stuff about Fast and Furious that’s supposed to come out in October…

    My guess, there’s some really damning evidence in whatever files are coming out that Holder can’t block, so he’s resigning now to get out ahead of it, and so Obama can get an appointee through the Senate before they possibly lose the majority.

    1. I tend to doubt that will happen. It’s a possibility, but look at how they’ve evaded any responsibility in the IRS stuff with “lost” hard drives.

  4. It seems to be pandemic. The IRS is having the same problem when confronted with a court order.

  5. Imagine an IT guy at Justice stealing one of those laptops and delivering it to a Senator.

    The relevations,
    the MSM ‘focus on the crime of theft, not the contents of the hard drive!”,
    the complete destruction of the guy by Justice

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