Shaneen Allen to Pre-Trial Diversion

Gavel in Court

According to attorney Evan Nappen, the Atlantic County Prosecutor has suddenly decided that Shaneen Allen is now eligible for the pre-trial diversion program. It would seem he has decided that she is no longer a bigger danger to society than Ray Rice.

UPDATE: Here’s the story in the press.

9 thoughts on “Shaneen Allen to Pre-Trial Diversion”

  1. Well, if the law is an ass, McClain is an @$$hole.

    He sought to make an example of Allen in almost every way, from exorbitant bail, to stiff charges, the original denial of PTI, and then a deliberate slow pace. This is prosecutorial malfeasance and a travesty of justice in almost every way.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. But he is at least feeling the heat enough to do the right thing, and that is a good thing for Ms. Allen, and others similarly situated now, and in the future.

    1. Damn that “Didn’t actually hurt anyone” loophole! Close it, quick! The jails aren’t full enough!

  2. The only good McClain I know carries a Beretta 92 and routinely takes out bad guys with that, Steyr AUGs, and a variety of other weapons. Oh, and he spells his name McClane.
    Yippy-ki-yay! =D

  3. He was against PTI until the [acting] State AG issued a “clarification” that practically ordered him to “offer” it. The best part is that apparently under PTI no criminal record is kept, so it is better than a suspended sentence – but not as good as simply deciding not to pursue the matter at all. I do wonder what “rehabilitation” will be proffered by the program…

  4. It should never have gone that far, but anything that keeps that woman with her children is a blessing.

  5. So can NJ residents expect the same treatment if caught carrying ‘illegally’ in NJ? I’m sure we won’t. So now the NJ government has ‘granted’ greater 2A rights in NJ to out of state folks than it does to it’s own citizens. Nice.

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