SAF Lawsuit in Illinois

SAF has filed Moore v. Madigan. Over at Only Guns and Money, John Richardson talks about the plaintiffs. John also noted that the NRA suit is filed in the Southern District of Illinois, and the SAF suit is filed in the Central District, so the cases cannot be combined. I believe, however, they could be combined on appeal to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, much like McDonald was with NRA’s case. Either way I don’t think it’s bad for the circuit court to have more than one case to choose to hear in the event this gets appealed, which it probably will.

One thought on “SAF Lawsuit in Illinois”

  1. Might someone with legal experience speak to the issue of standing in these cases?

    I presume IL will first move to dismiss these cases based on standing … and will claim the law has not injured the plaintiffs.

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