Glad to See Tam Back

Tam is blogging again, though with comments switched off, which is just fine by me since other bloggers don’t have time to read or make comments to begin with. Those who were following closely probably saw the viles of 100% Grade A unadulterated crazy left scattered around the blogosphere (including here until I nuked it) by the source of all this. Putting up with crap like that on top of putting up content every day is a tough lot, so if you care to encourage Tam to continue on, hit the tip jar on her sidebar.

6 thoughts on “Glad to See Tam Back”

  1. It is great to see her back.

    For those that “missed” the special grade of crazy. On a whim, I screencapped the post that was dumped here. It took about half a dozen captures to get it all. Ponder that.

  2. Ya, I have that post in my email for posterity. He’s a special kind of whack-a-do.

  3. It’s a damn shame, because the commentariat at Tam’s reversed the Sturgeon’s Law ratio, IMO. But I saw why it happened, and that kind of thing will mark someone

  4. I agree with Ian about reversing Sturgeon’s Law ratio, but it still good to see her back because she can blog fantastic snark without laws or ratios.
    And the kook-spook with shit-for-brains doesn’t need any forum to spoil and despoil.

  5. What happened, anyway?

    I haven’t done any blog reading for a while, and suddenly there’s no comments to browse. Not just “no bad comments”, no comments at all.

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