Midnight News Dump 8/13/2014


Time to clear out some of the tabs, as I think how how to make all this time balancing work. In truth it’s not really time. When I’m done at the end of the day now, I simply have no mental energy left. I want to watch a movie, listen to some music, or just veg out in my chair. Some people are good mental jugglers, and can keep many balls in the air at once. I can only do it for so long before I just get worn out.

I’m aware of the recent news, I just can’t come up with anything original to say about it. But sometimes I come up with stuff when I try to do a news links post, so let’s go:

American shooters are too intelligent for smart guns.

The Washington Post profiles Tom Palmer, of Palmer v. D.C.

Some of you might have seen Jerry Miculek’s 1000 yard shot with a 9mm. For those physics geeks out there, you might be interested in Joe’s analysis of the shot, which shows there’s some luck involved.

Bearing Arms: Why the new NRA terrifies the political left.

The terror watch list database doubles. No one knows why. Sounds like a great way to treat a constitutional right, by denying it based on one’s presence on a secret government list with no published criteria to get on, and none to get off.

A look at the 2014 Governor’s races. Doesn’t look good for Corbett. I’m not willing to write off the race yet, but his poll numbers need to move in the right direction. Corbett is a lot like Obama. He’s a decent campaigner, but he’s terrible at governing.

I’m not too keen on beer sales at gun shows. But mostly because “What’s the point?” I don’t go to gun shows looking for beer. I go to gun shows looking for guns. I don’t think the argument, to be honest.

Police interference with your right of self-defense, and then failing to protect you, may be unconstitutional.

If you carry a gun you have a supreme duty to be aware of where your firearm is at all times. Get in the habit of checking. That goes double for off-body carry. If you’re going to do that, you should have purpose built equipment. Hint: your kids diaper bag is manifestly inappropriate.

Would you buy a smart gun from this man? Well, now I can see why he thinks a smart gun might be valuable. But I’d generally advise anyone who isn’t willing to practice safe gun handling until it’s ingrained that they are probably better off not owning firearms.

Chicago Chief of Police says carrying a firearm for self-defense is the same as drunk driving. Carrying a gun while drunk, and shooting out streetlights, is apparently something Chief McCarthy is intimately familiar with. He thinks you have as little self-control as he does.


12 thoughts on “Midnight News Dump 8/13/2014”

  1. Yeah, you know Corbett’s in trouble when the folks at PAFOA start getting all excited because a partisan poll showed that he might be within 9 points of Wolf.

  2. McCarthy? The drunk, disorderly, cop punching dirtbag who never seems to get penalized for his blatant criminality?

  3. What I want to know is, when is the Corbett campaign going to start highlighting Wolf’s CeasefirePA survey responses? In it we have Wolf signing off on:

    1) Making it illegal to sell a shotgun to a hunting buddy if it doesn’t go through an FFL

    2) Banning the most commonly owned semi-automatic rifles in the state

    3) Banning standard capacity magazines

    4) Allowing local municipalities to pass unconstitutional gun laws and giving no citizen the right to take them to court for it.

    And several other anti-gun measures.

    I know Corbett has a staggering uphill climb, but you would think getting him associated with Bloomberg or Cuomo when it comes to our Second Amendment rights would only help his numbers. The only people I see pointing out Wolf’s anti-gun stance are pro-Corbett trolls on Wolf’s social media pages. Wolf is going with the boilerplate “I care about hunting” BS and he’s getting away with it.

  4. Be careful. The Texas rules will effect the “Friends of NRA” banquets. Every one I’ve been to has guns on display and alcohol sold. I don’t think taking either one away will help fund raise.

    1. I didn’t think about that. I forgot you couldn’t even have firearms in a place licensed to serve alcohol in Texas, unless they are handguns and carried with a license.

      1. There had been a “gentleman’s agreement” about guns at FONRA’s. They were unloaded, and transferred later at a FFL premise. But the new rules have a nebulous “Not readily converted” rule that is so vague as to be meaningless and, as written, applies to facilitys that are licensed but ARE NOT SELLING ALCOHOL! Hopefully the whole mess will be stomped into the ground and forgotten.

  5. Beer at gun shows?!? Why, that’s crazy talk, crazy talk I tell ya. Personally, I think we should push for guns at beer shows AND beer at gun shows, and then “compromise” on just beer at gun shows.

    no, not really, although the “compromise” angle would be a good one for showing the absurdity of “compromises” that the gun grabbers frequently offer.

  6. I wager Chicago PD have a far higher rate of drunk driving than the average American. So I can understand why their police chief would believe such.

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