NJIT Continuing with Development of Smart Gun

The New Jersey Institute of Technology has recieved another quarter million dollars of your hard earned tax dollars to keep researching “smart gun” technology.  Senator Lautenberg and Menendez are responsible for this earmark.  As I mentioend on Cam’s show last night when we talked about this, as an engineering problem, smart guns are a folly.

With current technology, it’s just not really possible to get a solid biometric reading from a firearm except under very controlled conditions.  Far more controlled conditions than someone breaking into your house at 2AM.  That’s why when smart guns are declared “ready” under New Jersey law, that police will be exempt from the requirement for sales of smart guns only.  This was never about safety, but is entirely about passing a gun ban that most people in that state would not recognize as such.

UPDATE: More from Robb here.

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