Bloomberg Buying Fake Grassroots Again

According to this letter to the editor, the writer was contacted by Bloomberg’s group to protest the GOP Senate candidate in Iowa. Bloomberg’s people offered to pay for parking, admission, buy them food, and provide him with a t-shirt to wear.

He notes that it seems a little odd that the Democratic Party is attacking the candidate for “special interest money” while looking the other way for groups supporting the Democrats who are paying people to appear involved in their community. It’s not surprising to those of us who watch politics, but it’s a reminder that many people would be shocked by the hypocrisy and find it news that Bloomberg goes so far to try and buy elections.

This is a remarkably effective letter, and I would like to see more of them when people come across examples like this in their communities.

5 thoughts on “Bloomberg Buying Fake Grassroots Again”

  1. Iowa’s upcoming Senate election to replace the retiring Tom Harkin is a close race where the Democrat candidate is so anti-gun he supports confiscation of standard capacity mags (he calls it a “safety recall”).

    I can see why Bloomberg is getting involved. The anti actually has a slight lead according to everything I’ve read. Nate Silver projects his chances of winning at 55%. Pretty disappointing that IA may elect that clown.

    1. Safety recall? Good grief. I’ll say one thing for the anti-gunners, they are diligent at producing new anti-gun euphemisms.

  2. Wow. That letter is awesome.

    Short, concise, to-the-point, yet absolutely clear on the hypocrisy of the left in attacking a candidate’s “special interest” money.

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