A Right Delayed is a Right Denied

Jeff Soyer notes an article out of Connecticut that Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission plans to suggest mental health “suitability screenings” for gun owners and sellers in their state.

Later in the article, they note that the commission that has been meeting since January 2013 still doesn’t have any of the medical records for Adam Lanza. If a commission ordered by the state governor can’t get records together in 18 months, how long will they make “applicants” to own or sell guns wait while they attempt to gather records?

The final report with formal recommendations is due this summer, so I’m sure that every gun control dream will be listed.

6 Responses to “A Right Delayed is a Right Denied”

  1. Sigivald says:

    I want to know how mental health screening for gun buyers stops their family or friends from killing them and stealing their guns.

    Because that’s what Sandy Hook was, wasn’t it?

    • Joe Huffman says:

      That’s easy.

      The mental health screening will include your relatives, housemates, friends, neighbors, and anyone else who might know where you store your guns. You’ll have to pay for the eight hour evaluation of all of such people. The list of people must be kept up to date and evaluations renewed every year.

      Don’t think of it as a Bill of “Rights”. It’s more of a checklist of things governments do as they enable and attract a tyrant to gain power.

  2. Andy B. says:

    “suitability screenings. . .”

    That idea has been lurking just under the surface for some time, everywhere.

    Fellow Bucks Countians may recall when “pro-gun” Republican Sheriff Larry Michaels added a “doctors note” requirement to the application process for a carry permit, back in 1995. It required a medical professional to attest to the mental soundness of the applicant.

    There were of course a number of practical problems with that, including that it asked medical professionals to attest to something outside their field of expertise, which no doctor except for a licensed psychiatrist should have been willing to do. But legally, it expanded on the state’s codified application process.

    One of my few claims to RKBA fame is that I challenged Michaels in court, and he caved before there was a court ruling, dropping the requirement but mooting my case. All the time, Mr. pro-gun Republican was styling himself in the media as “standing up to the NRA,” while the NRA was nowhere to be found involved.

  3. KM says:

    If a commission ordered by the state governor can’t get records together in 18 months

    The police already turned the whole Lanza world inside out looking for anything and everything. How hard can it be?

  4. skinnedknuckles says:

    Here are links to the reports:
    Sandy Hook Commission Meeting: Firearms: Mental health report outline:

    Talk about gun contro wet-dreams, take a look at the Firearms Violence recommendations. The Suitability screening was second to a requirement to laser etch a serial number on the shell casing for all ammo sold in the state!!!!!

  5. Bill says:

    If Connecticut politicians are really serious about assessing the mental health of gun owners, then they should mandate frequent mental health evaluations of all police, sheriff’s deputies, and state military personnel. Those types of folks have access to all kinds of guns.


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