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Still billing at the client this week, so blog time will still be tight this week. I hate having to give you guys the short shrift, but if our clients didn’t have crises they needed to be saved from, we wouldn’t have business. At least the commute is pretty good. The client is in New Jersey, only about 25 minutes away on a route that doesn’t clog with traffic during rush hour. My normal office, which I go to twice a week is an hour away with no traffic. Except that there’s rarely no traffic. Today I’m working from home so I have a bit more schedule flex, so I can give you a news dump:

Harry Reid might bring up gun control again in the Senate. Go for it Harry. I’d suggest right before the election.

Democrats in pro-gun states don’t want any help from Gabby.

Hey, it turns out gun control wasn’t so popular in Colorado after all. Now the Guv’s saying his staff made him do it.

Why are anti-gunners so violent? I don’t like the OCT people either, but I don’t wish death on them.

The tin foil hat crowd is going to have a field day with this one. He must have discovered too much, like how the CIA is training mass shooters, or something like that.

Miguel describes the CSGV philosophy quite accurately.

Civil Rights victory in Florida.

Turns out the disparity in school blocking software between pro and anti-gun sites is because people actually read pro-gun sites.

A new gun blog. Not often I get to say that these days. I don’t know if fewer people are bothering, or it’s just harder for them to come to my attention.

Andrew Cuomo’s troubles continue. A lot of his troubles are coming from the left, but gun control isn’t going to save him.

Remember, where the government thinks gun ownership is a privilege, it’s probably most wise not to screw around.

Another bill that Chris Christie needs to veto, an ivory ban. No grandfathering. Even mammoth ivory would be banned. We must do what we can to save the mammoths!

I think the idea of an enhanced permit to carry is OK for some states. In others, I’d worry it would immediately start the discussion of why it wouldn’t be a good idea to just require it for everybody. I’d be wary of it in Pennsylvania. This state is not as pro-gun as people think it is.

Remember, this is what our opponents think of us.

Open Carry in Texas is already being used in Florida as a reason not to legalize it there.

Throwing good money after bad in Illinois. Most politicians want to be seen as “doing something.” What they count on is that voters won’t look hard enough to realize that “something” is complete bullcrap. Sadly, in most cases, this works.

Preemption in Florida is working. We’re trying to get a similar law passed here in Pennsylvania. Our bill doesn’t go as far as Florida, but it does give incentives for local communities to get their illegal ordinances off the books.

A review of the latest book disparaging the Second Amendment. I have a copy, and I plan to review it as soon as I finish it.

Salon and hew and haw all they want, but the media had to backpedal from their earlier statements. Everyone knows when you use school shootings in a certain context it implies a mass shooting. It was dishonest, the way it was presented, and Everytown got called out on it.

Judge dismissed charges against a Maryland homeowner who shot a home invader. They argued he should have called 9-1-1. It never should have even gotten that far.

High-capacity, 1855 style.

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