Fenway Gun Control Billboard to Find a New Home

So notes the Boston Globe:

The mega-billboard facing the Massachusetts Turnpike between Fenway Park and the Citgo sign has long been a landmark of grim tidings. On Monday, its updated digital counter read, “45,864 Americans killed since the massacre at Sandy Hook.”

It is the kind of stark message that has made the 252-foot-long billboard a graphic, look-at-me advertisement for stricter gun control. But after 19 years, its owner is searching for a new home.

Looks like the people who own the property are looking to do some kind of project that makes more money than a gun control billboard. Hopefully whatever new home it will find won’t be as good a location.

Hat Tip to Cam Edwards

3 thoughts on “Fenway Gun Control Billboard to Find a New Home”

  1. And it is viewed by people driving by in cars, which are probably 10 times more likely to kill you……

    Yet nobody wants to further restrict or ban cars, why?

  2. As a life long Yankee fan, I hate the dreaded evil corrupt Boston Red Sucks with a passion. However, credit where credit is due. TUrns out the parking garage the billboard is hanging on was actually purchased by the dsame group who owns the Red Sox, and whom are now requiring it to be taken down.

    Don’t think I’ve ever said anything nice about the Red Sox (other than marveling at the beauty of their Stadium itself, while revelling in the opportunity to watch the Yankees crush them once again), but hurray for the Red Sox!!

  3. I grew up in MA but rarely return. Driving up 495 on my way to NH last summer in got creeped out by the Orwellian signs. No fireworks, buckle your seat belt or else, no phones, obey!

    Coming back from NH all kinds of no gun signs. Unfortunately, those signs weren’t all shot up like they always were when I was a kid.

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