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I’m getting a bit worried that this could be all I have for today, but things often start out that way, and then something interesting comes along later. But there is news:

From Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court: government can’t fire employees for exercising their right to self-defense.

Miguel notes that the rifle OC folks can stop helping anytime they want. I’m betting Chipotle goes the way of Jack in the Box. If they are going to keep OCing ARs into Chipotle locations to “thank” them, Shannon Watts will be declaring victory by weeks end.

Bloomberg “We need the NRA to be afraid of us.” I’m afraid of the former Mayor’s money. He is a great villain.

WSJ: Poll Shows Why Gun Control Looks Impossible.

Wired: How 3D printed guns evolved into serious weapons in just a year. I think that’s overstated. A plastic gun isn’t really that practical. But the technology of 3D printing is advancing quickly.

This is The Onion, but it’s hard to tell these days.

Armed citizens can defend themselves, even in Nigeria. They captured a tank, according to the article.

Armed women, in…. Massachusetts?

Detroit’s top cop interviewed for NRA First Freedom.

John Richardson has an update from the Knife Rights folks about their case against the City of New York.

“It’s not your grandfather’s NRA,” seems to be meme being pushed by the antis in various media outlets. I mean seriously, who in the world doesn’t know the NRA is heavily involved in politics? We know. Everyone knows. That’s why NRA is powerful. That’s why we’re members.

Also from Joe: “Alan Gura may not be our savior.” I don’t think any one person is. Heller and McDonald were great victories, and we owe Alan Gura a debt of gratitude for winning them. But the foundation for those cases were laid by a number of people.

Why Carry When Hiking? Most people think the four legged critters. The two legged variety is more dangerous. If you’re hiking, you’re not getting law enforcement help except to recover the body. Getting robbed on the trail is very dangerous.

HSUS settles a racketeering suit with Ringling Bros. Circus for a cool 16 million. Unfortunately chump change for them.

Andrew Cuomo kills jobs in upstate New York.

I linked to the story about the gun control activist who allegedly was spit on by a pro-gun individual, and thought it smelled like bullshit. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Bob takes a very detailed look and calls shenanigans. It’s not that I don’t think there ugly people on our side, the circumstances are just very improbable to me.

You may have heard of the Heller II case in DC losing at district court. Prince Law Offices takes a detailed look.

It’s going to take more than 1.5 people on an e-mail list to defeat us in November.

10 thoughts on “Monday Gun News”

    1. Agreed. I have found it personally MUCH more effective. In fact, I’ve found the negative publicity around these OC events here in Texas has actually reversed some of the progress I made with friends over the past couple of years.

  1. The WSJ poll is interesting as it has a large amount of moderates wanting Background Checks, but also has a nearly as large amoung (~2/3) who are satisfied with the “safety” of current gun laws.

    Which means that while the platonic ideal of “Expanded Background checks” sounds nice to them, they don’t freel a *need* for them.

    1. I think people tend to say what they think sounds “right”. Also, people are dumb.

      On federal spending: 76% of moderates say “it is immoral” for the country to carry a $17 trillion debt, but 72% say the country should boost spending on infrastructure and education “rather than worrying about long-term debt.”

  2. In fairness to Bloomberg’s Moms, I think they probably have more than 1.5 people on their e-mail list. (Perhaps the word “million” was omitted?)

  3. I can’t plug Michael Bane’s “Trail Safe” enough. The first edition was great, but the Mountaineers were a bit leery of the “gun stuff” (IIRC). The second edition includes more weapons info and it is still a great general awareness and self-defense in the outdoors primer even for non-gun folks.

    Actually an excellent intro for “hippy” outdoors friends who are passively anti-gun/SD.

  4. In one way I think it is true that “it’s not your grandfather’s NRA,” but not in the way they mean.

    When I joined at the age of 18, lo, half a century ago, it would have been hard to hang an “ideological” label on it, other than as it involved gun rights. That remained true for at least the next 15 years, with little change. An evolution, slow at first, began about the time it issued its first-ever endorsement of a presidential candidate in 1980. Ideologically it would now appear to be aligned with the “hard right” in ways that have little to do with gun rights.

    That’s the way this grandfather remembers things, anyway.

    1. It might be contextual to note my grandfathers wouldn’t see much familiar in today’s Democrat and Republican parties either.

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