I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for Some News Links Today


The media cycle on the issue is getting a bit slow, as happens sometimes. I try not to do too much in the way of filler on this blog, so if I don’t have stories to comment on, I just don’t have as many posts. But I think I may have some news links to share. Sometimes I don’t know until I go through the tabs and see:

General Gun News:

17 year old girl beats an incumbent State Delegate in West Virginia. She ran on the Second Amendment.

Also from Bob Owens: “The Long, Slow Death Of The Gun Control Cult

How about that: it turns out gun trafficking is illegal after all. What the gun control folks and the feds want to do is make it a strict liability felony, with no mens rea requirement.

What exactly is GDSI up to? Looks like trying to buy some pro-gun street creds. I believe they are very dangerous.

Why does the USDA need a SWAT team? Mad cows! Mad cows!

Looks like things could be heating up again in Illinois.

Tam: Logic is Dead.

SAF wins a victory in Arkansas, getting their law denying legal residents thrown out as unconstitutional. Non-citizens have Second Amendment rights too.

Personally, I’m kind of happy to see more anti-gun folks at least acknowledging the Second Amendment as a barrier.

Josh Prince has more to say about Kathy Kane’s recent action on Utah reciprocity. He’s looking to run a case, but needs funding.

Idiocy in the Media:

What the Bergen Record doesn’t want to accept is that New Jersey has forever ruined any chance at smart guns coming to market. New Jersey can repeal their law, but we’re not stupid enough to believe they won’t just pass another mandate when they feel the timing is right. Smart gun technology therefore is to be continually opposed.

Idiocy With Guns:

There’s a difference between a flak jacket and modern Kevlar body armor, and I still wouldn’t test either by having someone shoot me.

The rules, they are for the little people.

Those Silly Anti-Gunners:

More anti-gunners show their own hypocrisy with armed bodyguards.

Why are anti-gunners so plagiaristic? (Thanks to John Richardson for pointing that out after the article about Sari’s pearl clutching over 80% lowers)

She can keep quoting Gandhi, but personally, I’m still in the “laughing at you” stage.

As far as I’m concerned, without a police report, I don’t believe it happened. I know there is ugliness on our side of the issue, just like on their side of the issue. We should speak out against that. But if someone spits on you, you should call the cops over. They’re also ignoring the good number of women who show up who get nasty, because that would interfere with the War on Women narrative, wouldn’t it?

Off Topic:

The Last Communist City, by Michael J. Totten.

The Gospel according to snark.

10 thoughts on “I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for Some News Links Today”

  1. Are you sure GDSI isn’t just some big circle jerk? I love the tagline about what they do:

    a company that is positioning itself as a leader in providing cyber arms manufacturing, complementary security and technology solutions and knowledge-based, cyber-related, culturally attuned social consulting in unsettled areas

    I wonder if they manufacture paradigm shifting flux capacitors.

    Their list of press releases is awfully thin on accomplishments (or anything of substance). Do they produce anything but buzzwords? http://www.gdsi.co/page12.html

    Some interesting statements from their 10k:

    We had no revenue from continuing operations in either 2013 or 2102[sic].

    As of December 31, 2013, we had cash and cash equivalents totaling $509,224… For the year ended December 31, 2013, we incurred a net loss of $9,297,253, and at December 31, 2013, we had an accumulated deficit of $16,858,375… There is no guarantee that we will ultimately be able to generate sufficient revenue or reduce our costs in the anticipated time frame to achieve and maintain profitability and have sustainable cash flows.

    We have sustained losses and experienced negative cash flows from operations since inception… These factors raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue to operate in the normal course of business… The Company’s accountants have expressed substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern as a result of our history of net losses

    1. I decided to look into Armatix as well. I found their balance sheet on http://www.bundesanzeiger.de but the income statement would be a lot more interesting. If the balance sheet is publicly available, the revenue numbers must be available somewhere. Anyone know anything about German financial reporting? :)

      What I did find (courtesy of CalGuns posters):

      Aramtix’s US address is:
      269 S BEVERLY DR STE 1427
      BEVERLY HILLS CA 90212
      Which, hilariously, corresponds to: http://www.mailboxesbeverlyhills90212.com/ / http://i.imgur.com/OR65MLn.png

      Their patents:

  2. Per USDA OIG’s webpage (here): The types of investigations conducted by OIG Special Agents involve criminal activities such as frauds in subsidy, price support, benefits, and insurance programs; significant thefts of Government property or funds; bribery; extortion; smuggling; and assaults on employees.

    Extortion, smuggling, criminal fraud, assault. Sounds like a reasonable reason for armed agents to me.

    1. Don’t forget, perhaps the biggest program they run is SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) aka Food Stamps. Where are significant numbers of food stamps used? Historically in the inner cities. They also are charged with being the lead agency conducting investigations into animal welfare issues – like Michael Vick style dog fighting rings (well, actually, I don’t know that they would investigate the ring. But the breeders, absolutely). Both food stamps and dog/cock fighting have long been hotbeds of gang activity. Makes absolute sense to me.

      Along those same lines though, they also do investigations into animal rights groups too. Luckily, the FBI (and occaisionsally the CIA) would usually take the lead in going afte rmajor eco terrorist groups, but often times its going to be USDA that stumbles upon them.

  3. I have a Gandhi quote for her:

    “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

  4. Raising money for litigation against AG Kane goes nowhere when the first person to step up for a contribution writes (on the link not here at SNBQ) without apparent irony (and caps as quoted in original): “ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF COMMUNISM AND BY A WOMAN IN GOVERNMENT WHICH IS A DISASTER FROM THE GET GO!!!!!!” C’mon people. Embarrassing

  5. Knowing what little I know from the account, I think that, if I were on her jury, I would vote “not guilty” for Taylor Kelly. Yeah, it was dumb, but the dumb was actively encouraged by the “victim.”

    She’s probably already traumatized, I see no reason to add to her troubles.

  6. Mama Jones’ definition of intimidation is shooting at a generic female mannequin and a poster with no human likeness at all (and specifically containing a bulls-eye target). Somehow this is a “war on women” as I’m sure that shooting club would never do a mad minute on a male mannequin. Not to mention, I would guess female mannequins in circulation far outnumber male mannequins due to the nature of the retail clothes industry. They also made a point about how sexist it was that the mannequin was naked (when in fact just topless), because no one at the club had a shirt they were willing to sacrifice in the name of being less “war on womeny”.

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