It’s Tuesday, And Tuesday Means News Dump

Once again, I find myself with a lot of stories to link, but not a lot to say about them. Of course, about every other news dump, I start rambling on about something I didn’t think I had much to say about, and I cut that out as a future post. It’s a great way to get over writer’s block. OK, time for some CMD-C, CMD-V:

We probably shouldn’t forget that the UN is still a threat, with negotiating continuing on the ATT.

A new blog focusing on Second Amendment issues, run by progressives. We really need this. There needs to be a pro-gun movement from the left. We were this close || to having a bipartisan consensus on this issue, and that fell apart in the last midterm elections.

Getting a hearing on restaurant carry and permit confidentiality in North Carolina. We’ve been making a lot of progress in the gun friendly states, even during all this. It’s almost like America is becoming two separate countries. Unfortunately, I think it might be going that way.

Hey, gun free schools.

Channeling Josh Horwitz, of the Coalition to Prevent Gun Ownership, in Illinois. It should be noted the fight there is ongoing.

Following Joe Biden’s advice in Colorado. Biden is underwater in the polls as well. I thought gun control was popular, and NRA, etc only represent the gun manufacturers?

The NRA makes its presence felt at CPAC. I haven’t been talking about CPAC, because of their reprehensible treatment of GOProud. Maybe this is why conservative is becoming a bad word. I’ve never, personally, been comfortable identifying as conservative myself.

This is what happens when you destroy your gun culture. If you want to think scary, the military has to draw from the same pool of people police departments do. This is a matter of national security.

A summary of the Colorado magazine ban, and a video from Independence Institute in Denver on what “readily convertible” means. UPDATE: Magpul is still fighting, encouraging veto, and pointing out the flaws in the bill, both technical and constitutional.

Another way to headline this: NRA stands up for due process for a fundamental constitutional right. I don’t want to enable abusive spouses either, but in this country we don’t “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law,” and a non-adversarial hearing for a protection order is not due process.

The Sandy Hook killer apparently planned the massacre for years, studying other mass murderers in great detail.

Manchin still trying to find Republican support for a “background check” bill. If he thinks we’re going to forget all this by 2016, he’s kidding himself. So far his only taker is Mark Kirk, who the media keeps saying is a moderate on the gun issue. No, he’s not any sort of moderate.

Colorado Sheriffs are vowing not to enforce the new gun laws. Good on them. Meanwhile, Hickenlooper is preparing to commit political suicide.

A case study in the politics of frivolity.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton supports the criminalization of gun handling through a ban on transfers.

Demand a Plan on illegal mayors.

8 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday, And Tuesday Means News Dump”

  1. CPAC is a “movement conservative” event. Although I support their decision to keep GOProud out, I have also seen some indicators that it’s not the kind of conservatism I knew of traditionally into the 1990s. I’ve always leaned toward the paleocon side which pretty much flatly calls BS on a lot of what these beltway 501c3 groups are pushing these days at CPAC.

    When I used to go to CPAC in college I would never hear of most of these organizations represented. They literally pop out of the woodwork for CPAC, and when they ask for money. These two things are many times one and the same. The event is also quite pricey for what it is — a bunch of lectures by mostly “movement” conservatives. It’s a trade show for right-leaning polemics.

    Don’t be scared of the label. Conservatism means conserving and preserving SOMETHING, which is why there will be disagreement.

  2. Pro-gun liberals? Come on now. As long as they vote for, and financially support the party (democrats) that is actively hostile and working as I type this post to gut the Second Amendment, they are not our allies. Nor will they ever be.

  3. If you want to think scary, the military has to draw from the same pool of people police departments do. This is a matter of national security.
    Probably not. If that was an infantryman, he’d actually have been trained in the use of that weapon. He’d have a fire team leader, a squad leader and numerous fellow soldiers in close contact with him who made it part of their purpose in life to make sure he knew how that weapon worked because their mission and their lives would depend on it.

    What you see in that picture is a group of timecard punching union members who don’t think they need to bother learning how to use those weapons properly or help their teammates become proficient because the odds that they’ll ever really need them are vanishingly small.

    1. Eh, that’s what you’d think. You’d think wrong, for many mililtary personnel.

      Guard & Reserve units are always short of training funds for ammo. Non combat arms folks often qualify once every year and that’s it. Non-Army/Marines personnel often qualify only just before a deployment. It would not be unusual to find a large number of deployed personnel who have a total of 90 rounds through the M9 in their entire lifetime.

  4. Good reads today. Looking forward to when the police report from sandyhook is made public in a few months.

  5. “There’s a lot of hype out there, and that’s what they’re believing,” he said. Manchin said he’s been trying to “give comfort” to people, telling them, “I’m not going to take your guns away, I’m not going to take my guns away.”

    Wow, lot of derp there.

    Comfort? I don’t really want a US Senator to hug me and say it will all be better. I want them to represent their state’s interests while supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States. I thought that was the job description at least.

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