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Some of the links for today might be a bit old. Sorry if that’s the case, because I didn’t have time to really do much hunting while at Annual Meeting, so there’s a bit of a gap. But here’s a try:

This .223 pocket pistol has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The .223 is a rifle cartridge. It uses slower-burning rifle powder, meaning it needs a rifle-length barrel to build up speed. Maybe you can stun and confuse your attacker with the massive fireball that will result from all that unburnt powder exiting the barrel, but I doubt a 55 grain .223 bullet fired from a pistol-length barrel will do all that much to stop him. I’d wager you’d be better off with a single shot .45ACP.

Bloomberg’s dollars just aren’t enough, pointing out that $50 million isn’t actually a whole lot of money. Maybe so, but how much more is he going to put in? Money in politics matters. It is possible for someone like Bloomberg to buy legislation. Don’t believe it isn’t.

Dave Kopel: First Amendment Guide to Second Amendment. How the First Amendment can be a guide to interpreting the Second.

Some questions don’t make sense in a free society.

West Side Last Shift takes a look at the insurance anti-discrimination bill in Florida. I had a coworker who told me she was turned down for homeowners insurance because of gun ownership. Much like the parking lot bills, I can’t get too enthusiastic about this either, because it is anti-free-market. But insurance is already pretty regulated, and we’d never tolerate discrimination like this in other contexts.

John Lott: Bogus Gun-Control Numbers.

NRA’s Worst Nightmare is America’s Moms, says the Daily Beast. Yeah, because we’ve never had to deal with that phenomena before. No. There was never a failure of a previous incarnation of this idea. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Meanwhile, 18,000 women, many of them moms, came to NRA.

Why are we so conflicted about manhood in the modern age? Long read, but very insightful.

MDA would seem to stand for Moms Doubling Attendance.

Our opponents continue to misunderstand the nature of conflict. Most of the time the powers that be don’t want you dead, they want you compliant. It’s like a kid that doesn’t want other people to play with his toy. He can accomplish that by breaking the toy, but then he doesn’t have the toy anymore.

I didn’t even know there were rocket companies that made gun stuff.

West Chester University looking to revise its weapons policy. A step in the right direction.

Military to destroy 1.2 billion worth of ammo. What a waste.

Oligarchy in the 21st Century.

A graphic example of the failure of gun free zones.

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  1. Previous incarnation of Alliant was Hercules – they made solid rocket booster motors big and small.

    1. And they’ve been big into propellant development because of that. Which bleeds over into guns.

  2. Is the “manhood in the modern age” link supposed to go to the “the NRA’s worst nightmare is america’s moms” article? ‘Cause it does for me.

  3. I didn’t even know there were rocket companies that made gun stuff.

    Man, General Atomics should make some guns, just because of how awesome that would be.

  4. I had ATK as a client for a short time. It was awesome. Got to hang with astronauts and gun guys.

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