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Some of this should really have been part of the Saturday news, but I’m trying to adopt a new way of doing things, by using a feature of my RSS reader rather than tabs, to mark articles I’m interested. But I only get about half my stories from RSS, so I forgot about them. Anyway, here’s we go:

General Gun News:

More guns, less crime. It’s almost like John Lott was right! John Lott, BTW, is trying to crowd fund more research.

A well-regulated militia, in Mexico. They are looking to bring more of the rural militias under state organization.

Joe Biden strikes again: Washington Homeowner arrested for firing a warning blast with a shotgun.

Massad Ayoob: Who do you want on your jury?

The FBI is opening investigations into what happened out at the Bundy Ranch. I would say it’s probably poor OPSEC to glass federal agents and then give a newspaper interview which includes your actual name.

I’m still not sure I understand fully what “NRA Freestyle” is, but whatever it is, I’m sure NRA’s PR firm is charging a fortune for it ;) I kid, I kid. If the idea works it’ll be worth it.

22 states have signed on to oppose the SAFE Act via an amicus brief in federal court. Pennsylvania is not one of them, nor will it be, because Kathleen Kane is our AG and elections have consequences.

I guess they were just waiting for us to clear out of town before they libeled us by running an op-ed by known hate-monger Josh Horwitz.

It looks like CeaseFirePA’s latest protest this weekend numbered about the same as our side’s counter protest.


They aren’t against money in politics, they are just against your money in politics. Your 25 dollars to NRA-ILA = Evil. One rich billionaire funding a whole political movement = peachy.

The reason the gun control movement has failed, is because they aren’t speaking in the context of public health. How many more old, failed ideas are they going to pitch as new ones? They’ve been trying the public health approach since the Clinton Administration.

More bellyaching that we oppose smart guns. We only oppose them because you tried to mandate them, and then had the further audacity to exempt the police, who didn’t want them, all the while telling everyone they did. There are consequences to losing trust. Now it is technology to be opposed, because the other side never would agree to just let the free market sort it out.

If the goal was to turn perhaps a million New Yorkers into instant felons, then I agree, SAFE is working just fine.

Why are anti-gun lefties so racist?


The New Jersey Senate will vote on the magazine and gun ban today.

Guam goes shall-issue. The dominos are starting to fall.

Missouri is going to have a measure to shore up its RKBA provision on the ballot this November’s election.

Science & Technology:

Why correlation does not equal causation.

Joe Huffman: “I think the lesson to be learned is that if you leak electromagnetic radiation you can be tracked.

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  1. They aren’t against money in politics, they are just against your money in politics.

    Of course.

    Like people against “special interests” never want to ban the AARP to defuse the Old People Vote.

  2. Good to see the Constitution finally expanding to places outside the States like Guam .

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