10 thoughts on “Multiple Victim Shootings in Europe”

  1. What surprises me is not how many you’ve never heard of, so much as how many of ours the Europeans *have* heard of, vs. how few any given European has heard of that occurred outside his own country but inside his own continent. Imagine if neither you nor I had ever heard of Columbine, solely because neither of us hails from Colorado. That’s how the European mentality is.

  2. Not surprising really… To publish those shootings here would only put paid to the lies of gun free countries having no problems due to guns…

  3. Right, but it’s not just a problem of under-reporting those shootings here. It’s also a problem of under-reporting them elsewhere in Europe – while mysteriously NOT under-reporting the ones that happen here. So from the perspective of a European who trusts his own MSM as much as a typical American liberal trusts ours, there are x mass killings in his country, none in the rest of Europe, and y in the USA. And of course y is larger, as the USA’s population dwarfs that of any individual European country.

  4. The longstanding comparisons between the U.S. and other countries like the U.K. have been debunked by you guys mainly on the theory that although gun crime is lower, overall violence is not. Some even say overall violence goes up when the guns are removed. I don’t buy any of that, but that’s usually the argument.

    Now, Lott comes along and says, what, that even gun crime is worse, that we’ve just been ignorant of how bad things really are in Europe? And Sebastian endorses this nonsense with, wow, I had no idea how bad it was over there.

    John Lott’s article, which I picked up on yesterday, calling him “the other hardest working gun blogger,” after Linoge that is, to me is a prize example of anecdotal cherry-picking designed to give a false impression. Interestingly, that’s what gun control writers are often accused of. In addition, Lott was “dancing in the blood” of that latest and truly rare shooting in the U.K. That’s the other ironic hypocrisy.

  5. John Lott’s integrity went out the window when he pretended to be Mary Rosh. I wouldn’t trust him with the weather. It’s a shame because we need people doing the work he does, but we definitely do NOT need scandals attached to our cause.

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