Meet the New “Guns That Need to Be Banned”

They shoot a lot like the previous “Guns that Need to be Banned” that are now banned:

I especially like the Executive Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Ergonomics Violence. She says the pistol grip allows people to better control their rifle, because apparently having people firing bullets off wildly is somehow more desirable. In truth, it doesn’t matter worth a damn, it just makes the gun more comfortable to shoot.

5 Responses to “Meet the New “Guns That Need to Be Banned””

  1. Jack says:

    And the same person will say there’s no “slippery slope”.

    I mean it’s not like she’s angling for New York’s 3rd Assault Weapons ban.

  2. IllTemperedCur says:

    But I have it on good authority (Joey Biden!) that an AR15 is difficult for a woman to control. Now I’m confused. Either Biden is full of baloney or New Yorkers Against Gun Violence doesn’t want women to have guns they can control. War on Women!!!!!eleventy!!!!!!

  3. Patrick H says:

    At least they list all the dumb things that are banned- Flash Suppressors, Bayonet lug, etc.

  4. Carl from Chicago says:

    I gotta hand one thing to that woman in the vid…she makes grasping at straws look like child’s play!

  5. Glen says:

    What is the state’s interest in mandating weapons that are harder to control? And less accurate?

    The obvious answer is: none. There is no rational basis for these distinctions. And this is how to challenge assault weapon bans in court – not whining about AR-15s being in “common use.”