4 thoughts on “Remington Golden Bullets”

  1. Like the saying goes… You get what you pay for. But I shoot Golden Bullets almost exclusively because of their cost though and so far I’ve had very few problems. They cycle through my Buck Mark just fine and usually wont find more than 4-5 duds in a box of 550 (most go off with a second strike). They’re very dirty though, and not nearly as consistent as Mini-mags.

    You might have a bad batch, or the Rugers may just be that picky… If you have one though, a bolt action/single shot doesn’t really care what you run through it. If not, I’m sure someone out there wouldn’t mind a box or two. :-)

  2. I bought 8 boxes of Golden Bullets in 2006. I used them rather sparingly in my 22 istols and rifles, which I do not shoot much. I shot up almost a box at a time about every 6 months when I would shoot 22’s extensively with my kids. I carefully counted duds in each box. Four was the minimum, six was the maximum, and the number was unchanged over four years despite storing them in my garage here in Texas (think 100F to 120F, 12 hours a day for 4 months straight each year, with a week to a month of freezing each winter.

    They have duds, and they aren’t the cleanest 22LRs I have used, but back when they were on sale for $8 a box I thought they were quite a good deal.

  3. I use to hate them, but my block 22lr conversions love em. Nothing else eats them but that damn trainer.

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