Top Congressional Shooters…

It looks like Team Republican won yesterday’s Congressional Shoot-Out, but the Democrats have the best individual shooter in Minnesota’s Rep. Collin Peterson. Interestingly, the past VP candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan took home the award for best skeet shooting.

It would seem that either Pennsylvania’s Congressmen and Senator aren’t interested in shooting events or need some shooting lessons. Any local clubs want to make the offer to their Congressman to help him on his shooting scores? :)

3 thoughts on “Top Congressional Shooters…”

  1. That is my old range! One of the best public clay centers out there. Great sporting clays course in the woods, and even international trap. Surprisingly affordable and also surprisingly, it is run by the state of Maryland.

  2. Is there any list of who all in Congress participated?

    I’d bet my Congresscritters didn’t even show.

    1. I was there. I generally know who participated, but I’m not disclosing if CSF isn’t disclosing. I will say though that there was more than one member from Pennsylvania present.

      If you follow the link in the post, there is a picture that’s posted. You can identify who was present by looking at their picture.

      A great time was had by all, and it was clear that lots of the members didn’t shoot a lot (or shoot shotguns alot). But the fact that they came out for a tasty whole hog BBQ and then an afternoon of shooting, fellowship, and fun, says a ton regarding their dedication to the shooting sports.

      Regarding shooting expertise, Colin Peterson (D-MN) and John Kline (R-MN) are both dead serious shotgunners and ALWAYS place at the top. This year, Colin lost out by one shot to Mike THompson (D-CA) for top shooter honors. I’ve been on each of their teams over the years, and they all shoot very well. But Colin Peterson, year in and year out, is the most impressive to me.

      A word about Paul Ryan: A few years ago, they also had a trailer that was essentially a Virtual Reality mobile shooting range. There was a screen at the end that would project different scenarios – clearing out a high school after a Columbine like attack, walking through Falluja in Iraq, etc. By sheer luck, I got pulled in there by Paul Ryan and Benny Thompson (D-MS). Benny is a serious good shot too, but Paul Ryan blew me away. I dont think he served in the military, but if someone where to tell me he was a competitive three gun shooter I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. He would alternate seemlessly from M1 pistol to M-14, dropping and switching mags out as needed. It was a beautiful thing to behold in an elected official.

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