Yogurt v. Guns

In New York, lawmakers thought it was more important to debate the merits of yogurt being considered the state snack than the potential outcomes that hurt law-abiding people in the massive gun control bill the passed last year.

The time they debated yogurt was 50% longer than the time they spent discussing gun control and the civil liberties of citizens. I guess New Yorkers can be proud of the priorities of their elected officials.

3 thoughts on “Yogurt v. Guns”

  1. I’m not terribly well-informed on NY politics. How much potential is there for SAFE backlash on election day 2014?

    1. That depends on where in New York you are talking about. In NYC? Little to no chance at all. In the areas where a lot of people own guns? There is a decent chance for some backlash. It won’t necessarily upset the political landscape in a dramatic fashion like the Colorado recall elections, but I’m expecting that there will be a reaction to it.

  2. Jeepers…anyone who would be against the new idiotic laws won’t get to vote after moving to Texas along with big business.

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