Thanks To All Who Commented on the Chair Bleg

Several days ago I had written a post asking for some advice on what to do about my beloved Aeron chair that had an arm break clean off. I got a lot of good advice, but the one that fixed it was the person who suggested looking on Fastenal. A pair of calipers and counting the thread density revealed the bolt was a 1/4″-28 X 2-5/8 black oxide bolt. I managed to find this bolt at Fastenal, which fixed the issue right up. The plastic part I thought I was missing it turned out was just hiding, so all parts were present. The new bolt put the chair right back together like nothing had happened.

Fixed Aeron Chair

As a person who spends an unhealthy amount of time, between working in IT and blogging in my spare time, with my ass planted in a chair I appreciate it. Now the only question is how long it will take the Glock 19 to finish wearing through the mesh on the (my) right side (which you can see in the pic if you look closely).

16 thoughts on “Thanks To All Who Commented on the Chair Bleg”

  1. Meecy micey, thas’ a pricy chair. Looks good, but I’ll never get approval to buy.

    1. I was in Canada last year at the same time as Canada day, and they were handing those out. I planted it in my pen mug to claim it for Canada ;)

  2. Second the duct tape suggestion, got a duct tape patch on the chair I use at the computer thanks to my 1911 rubbing it….
    Wish I’d thought of putting duct tape on the chair before it had a hole…..

      1. I have a hybrid IWB holster from Old Faithful, never had a problem with shirts. Do have a problem with the muzzle wearing a hole in pants but that at least is a slow process, what kind of shirts?

  3. Or if you want a slightly classier look, get some chamois or deerskin scrap from a leather shop/worker or eBay and tack it on with a stitch in each corner.

    Duct tape has the annoying tendency of failing adhesive AND leaving adhesive residue everywhere…

    1. Something like that would probably work for excessive shirt wear as well.

  4. When I worked at a GM plant that closed, Management allowed us to take almost anything home that wasn’t leased. I got an Aeron chair, and had a similar pattern of holster wear. I glued a piece of black veg-tanned leather leftover from holstermaking to the hard plastic part, and relied on the stiffness of the leather to hold it over the mesh.

  5. One of the reasons for the Fastenal recommendation is that they have gotten me some non-standard things in the past.
    They are close to my house too.

  6. Save your money. That’s an Aeron chair. “Aeron” is short for “sandpaper that ruins all your pants.” The much ballyhooed “cool” fabric is very abrasive and will in about a year ruin the seat of every pair of your pants.

    1. I find the fabric more comfortable to sit on. It will eventually wear holes where I carry my wallet, but at about the same rate as other holes get worn in it.

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