CeaseFirePA Digging in My Backyard

Newspaper Extra Headline

I know I have some local folks who are readers, so I just want them to be aware that the Bloomberg funded group, CeaseFirePA, is planning a rally outside the local district office of Frank Farry, one of our NRA endorsed State Reps in Bucks County. They in particular are incredulous that he is supporting eliminating PICS and relying on the federal NICS system.

If you are in the area, please see if you can stop by his district office today at 4PM. His office is at 370 E Maple Ave, Langhorne PA. I appreciate anyone who can come and show their support, especially on such short notice.

FOAC/CGOPA are asking people not to OC long guns, which I think is a wise decision. We need to show CeaseFirePA, and more importantly Rep. Farry, that they can’t outmuscle us.