The View from the Other Side

Sebastian highlighted John Richardson’s excellent post about the $1 million+ views from the gun controller’s homes.

I just have to add that I think there’s a part of that same way of thinking at work in this series of interviews with gun controllers that’s been making the rounds.

Notice that the question at 1:40 is simply whether a citizen should be able to defend him/herself at all with any weapon in case of attack, and the woman (who probably doesn’t have Mike Bloomberg’s wealth, but probably isn’t hurting in the wealthy Virginia suburbs) simply says, “No.” Later in the video, he uses an example of being in a bad neighborhood, and she simply asks, “Why? … Well, why are you in the bad neighborhood?”

This is someone who can afford to be out-of-touch. It doesn’t take being dirt poor to end up in bad neighborhoods, especially in that area. The apartment I lived in cost a pretty penny in rent each month, and I would go to bed with the sounds of “Stop! Police!” outside my window or walk outside of my building to be passed by running men fleeing authorities. I could simply ask my neighbor not to play music so loud that it knocked pictures off the wall and end up being threatened. It’s not something that most people seek out, it’s something that just happens around them. To her, the notion that a potential victim may not have the financial means to leave just means the person needs to accept the circumstances and take the assault rather than having a tool to fight back should an attack put his or her life at risk. As John so aptly put it:

When you live in a million dollar plus home in a plush neighborhood, your view of the world is just different. You don’t have crime at your doorstep and you really don’t have to worry about home invasions.

The woman I mention in the video is another great example of this kind of thinking. I get the feeling that with the new name and theme of Bloomberg’s group, we’ll see even more of this preaching from the comfort behind the gates of their communities.

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  1. I can’t help but notice that I didn’t hear a single honk during the course of that video.

    Then there is The Passionate Yeti who says people have these enormous stockpiles of weapons and ammunition because it is profitable. Well… maybe if you are reselling appreciating assets, but she seems to think the stockpiling itself is profitable. Hmm…

    Step 1) collect guns and ammunition.

    Step2) ???

    Step 3) Profit!!!

  2. Let’s not forget that a LOT of these Rich Antis DO have Guns on their Premises. They’re just carried by their Private Security Guards.

    1. You beat me to it.

      “You don’t need a gun to defend yourself” … says the person who can afford to hire someone else to defend her with guns.

    2. Yeah like Spielberg with his NFA collection Stallone, and Jane Fonda, total elitists on firearms. They want to have them but not you or I. We fellow citizens are less than that to them. We are only tolerated to provide revenue for their pursuits in life.

    1. They are just like lots of old people who react to the moment without any critical thinking involved unfortunately. They are probably nice folks and hopelessly naive.

  3. A lot of very wealthy Californians, like the affluent children with whom I attended University, DO own guns – they just don’t think YOU should too. They were the inspiration and voting power behind California’s racist and bigoted Saturday Night Special laws – no guns for po’ people.

  4. Living in a million-dollar home in a plush neighborhood didn’t protect Dr. Pettit & his family from home invasion.

    But one murdered wife and two raped & murdered daughters later he still wasn’t able to connect the dots.

    Liberal stupidity is a hard habit to break.

  5. This was hard to watch. It makes me cry to hear the woman in green say a categorical “no” to the question about whether she can defend herself. Thank you for reminding me why I have devoted my life to fighting for gun rights. I hope she never has to go through a life-changing experience of her own. She has no idea how easy her life is.

  6. This is what decades of living in the posh NoVA suburbs and making your living off the government does to you. I’ve seen it firsthand where otherwise-normal people slowly lose their soul and focus so much of their life’s energy on maintaining their lifestyle even if it means hurting the rest of the country.

    I’m willing to bet 75-85% of the older women in that video didn’t even work most of their lives, probably just latching on to their husband’s six-figure government or contractor salary. What’s even funnier about it is that these are generally the same type of people that decry new development in the area. So one minute they are as progressively anti-gun as can be but the next minute are NIMBYs. In other words just selfishness.

  7. Did I hear that one lady right? “Making money is cynical, un-American, and un-patriotic!” Wow!

  8. You don’t have to live in a bad neighborhood to worry about home invasions. Charles Manson, anyone?

  9. My parents live a couple miles from there(that HQ has a nice range). Fairfax County has the third-highest median household income in the country. That lady has probably never left the town.

  10. I could simply ask my neighbor not to play music so loud that it knocked pictures off the wall and end up being threatened.

    This happened to me in college. Girlfriend and I had, for some reason, decided to watch a movie in my dorm room instead of her apartment — but the jocks down the hall decided their music had to be loud enough to be heard on the other side of campus.

    Asked them to turn it down.

    One of them said, “why don’t we just get a gun and shoot them?”

    I regretted not having anything at hand at that moment, and my attitude towards firearms was set in stone. I didn’t own any for years, but that was more a time, money, and space issue than anything else.

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