How the Other Side Lives

John Richardson has put together and excellent article of how our opponents in the gun control movement live. I do have to hand it to Bloomberg for taste. His North Salem farmhouse’s quaint, understated quality is quite nice I think. For those of us who can barely afford one home, and certainly can’t afford hired armed security, and who struggle to be able to donate $50 dollars to the cause every now and then, let alone $50 million, no, we certainly won’t take this personally.

7 thoughts on “How the Other Side Lives”

  1. To be fair, there are a few pretty darn wealthy folks on our side as well, but the movement doesn’t live or die on their cash.

  2. Wow, seven homes for Bloomberg. I wonder what the longest stretch he has gone without visiting one is.

    I would also have to think that some environmental busybodies who like to tell other people what choices to make might give him a taste of his own medicine.

    1. Bloomberg actually has 11 houses. I just couldn’t find the pictures of all 11.

      His neighbors in Wellington, FL include Bill Gates and Frank McCourt, former owners of the LA Dodgers.

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