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I have quite a lot of stuff today, so let’s get to it:

From Ann Althouse, who notes Dick Morris saying that Janet Reno threatened to spill the beans on Waco if Clinton fired her.

The medical profession would seem to persist in the notion that guns are a public health issue about which their profession should do something about. Maybe we need to start making lists of gun friendly doctors so we can avoid the insufferable busybodies. More here from the Daily Caller.

Holder wants your tax dollars to fund smart gun research.

Hey, did you know we legalized short barreled rifles in a deep blue state? You still have to comply with the National Firearms Act, but this shows it’s not just red states we’re on the move in.

Like a layer cake of fail. To be fair, a lot of CC people are prone to poor carry choices as well, but they aren’t advertising them to the world to be mocked. The original telegraph article is here.

Why you should be sympathetic to Cliven Bundy. Meanwhile, Slate plays right for ginning up a racial argument for something that has nothing to do with race.

Glenn Reynolds has a new law review article out, “The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law.”

The assault weapons rebellion. What if there were an assault weapons law, and no one complied? Gun owners in these states really shouldn’t avoid jury duty in these states. Get on there and acquit your fellow gun owners. If authorities won’t prosecute cases because they can’t get convictions from juries, it doesn’t really matter what the law says.

Clayton Cramer has to be risking carpel tunnels this past few weeks with a review of “This Nonviolence Stuff’l Get You Killed,”  a review of Stephen Halberook’s “Gun Control in the Third Reich,” and a dismantling of Justice Stevens flexible history when it comes to his views on the Second Amendment.

Also, another mass stabbing. Five dead. Maybe mass killers have figured the mass shooting has jumped the shark, and can’t garner the media frenzy it used to.

NRA has endorsed Mitch McConnell in the GOP primary. This will no doubt upset a lot of tea party folks, but NRA has a long standing policy of endorsing friendly incumbents over friendly challengers, and for good reason.

The New Jersey GOP is way behind when it comes to the gun issue. Several years ago I was speaking with a higher-up person in the New Jersey GOP who agreed that they had not done enough to cultivate this voting constituency, but nothing seems to change.

How to estimate Pi using a shot pattern. It’s actually Monte-Carlo sampling.

Looks like the politicians in Chicago are learning from big city pols in other preempted states, that you can shift blame for your failures by blaming the weak gun laws, which you obviously can’t do anything about. Previously, they blamed laws in the ‘burbs, or in other states.

Looks like cultural condescendence towards gun owners extends to the hispanic-left as well.

SayUncle notes that the media is always quick to blame right-wingers for mass shootings, and go all quiet like when it turns out to be a Democrat with ties to the KKK.

Growing pains among New York’s pro-gun community. I wouldn’t classify it as growing pains. It’s a sign of life. In any state with a healthy gun rights movement there are many competing egos. It’s often not helpful at all, but it’s like the rain. Not much you can do about it.

A new SAFE compliant semi-auto rifle. I like this a lot more than the Fugly AR abomination. Looks like they probably put the recoil spring along the gas system, similar to the LR-300. This eliminates the need for a buffer tube.

Off topic:

Uncle Sam reviving the feudal practice of collecting debs from next of kin. The feds continue to piss away their legitimacy.

Instapundit on establishment criticism of Rand Paul: “If you criticize GOP candidates more harshly than you’re criticizing Democrats, you’re doing it wrong.” “Doing it Wrong” could be the GOP byline for this past decade.

Five police officers found lying, and why it is so rare.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday News Links”

  1. RE: SBR legalization

    Apparently Illinois legalized SBRs recently too. Some sort of FFL is required (C&R included) but getting a C&R is a fairly low barrier compared to an NFA form 1 or form 4. The SBR doesn’t have to be a C&R firearm either.

  2. Great links, Sebastian!

    This morning on the Today Show, NBC had Bloomburg and some Mad Moms leader declaring victory over the NRA because some poll found 49% of Americans want new gun control laws. It was totally biased; no opposition was present, the questions were softballs, and their outrageous claims went unchallenged. Pretty disgusting piece!

    On Cliven Bundy, I just read that the BLM did a lot of illegal destruction of Bundy’s infrastructure as they pulled out. I quote the article:

    — However, the court order used to justify the operation appears only to give the agency the authority to “seize and impound” Bundy’s cattle.

    “Nowhere in the court order that I saw does it say that they can destroy infrastructure, destroy corrals, tanks … desert environment, shoot cattle,” Houston said. —

    – Arnie

    1. Oh and, they had Biden’s Dr. wife on as well. I didn’t stick around for her spiel – I was too busy throwing up in the bathroom from all the garbage Bloomburg an Co. had to say.

  3. The NYSAFE legal AR does NOT use a special upper like LR-300, and “BEAR” ARs.

    It uses a special bolt carrier and a spring in the stock like the Benelli shotguns (among tons of others). Any upper can be used.

  4. Slate has really gone off the deep end with the racial stuff. There is not a single subject that they cover that doesn’t focus primarily on racism. They’re really no different from those VNN Nazis who think that “the Joo” is responsible for EVERYTHING.

    1. Yep, look at the byline of the Slate writer:

      Jamelle Bouie is a Slate staff writer covering politics, policy, and race.

      As in, it’s his job to play the race card… always.

      Then there is this line:

      Second, it won’t happen, but right-wing media ought to be condemned for their role in fanning the flames of this standoff.

      Really? After the whole Zimmerman thing, you’re going to accuse the right wing media of ‘fanning flames’? I bet this guy had some articles that were more like thowing gasoline than fanning flames.

  5. It’s not quite right to describe Washington as a “blue state”. Instead, we’re a “mixed state”–somewhat dominated by liberal Seattle, but not nearly to the extent the Chicago dominates IL.

    Plus even in the ‘liberal’ areas, we have plenty who may vote (D) but are still very zealous of their gun rights. Look at the vote on the SBR amendment–unanimous in the senate, nearly so in the house (97 to 3.) And our scumbag leftie governor signed it!

    We are nothing like NY or MA or MD or any of the other blue states. Neither is our next-door-neighbor Oregon, either, fwiw–down there, they don’t even prohibit licensed concealed carry in bars or K-12 schools!

    1. Quite right. Washington state gun laws are actually very good. The hard part will be keeping them that way. This was a definite victory, but I-594 still looms and a lot of people vote for initiatives on the “sounds good to me” standard. That means there’s a very high chance of that reeking pile of BS passing.

  6. Sayung le is stretching it on calling the media out for not saying the guy was a dem. The article says he once ran for office as a Dem, then he ran again as a Republican

  7. I was surprised that the Telegraph article, “The right to bear arms – even in the supermarket” was not 100% a hit piece on those barbaric American gun owners. It was much more sympathetic than the British usually are.

    1. Yeah I almost didn’t read it because I thought it would be the usually claptrap. But its was a lot fairer than I expected.

      Man, if you lost the British media on guns, what do you have left?

  8. We picked our pediatrician by cross referencing our insurance’s list with the publicly available (at that time) carry permit database and picked the one near us with a toter’s card.

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