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Bitter will hopefully be getting over her bout with the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu that’s going around again this year. I had it over New Years, but I feel bad for her because it was pretty mild for me and has been pretty nasty for her. Today is day 4, so it should be over for her soon. But as always, there’s news:

A victory in District Court in Idaho, where a federal court struck down the ban on firearms by the Army Corps of Engineers on their property.

Attention Robb Allen, it is not too late to start driving for this event in Philly.

You and I aren’t responsible enough to carry in places where they serve the Demon Rum, but the police are! What could possibly go wrong?

Pike County has nearly doubled gun permits issued in 2013, helped by out-of-state New Yorkers getting permits. I’m not sure what they think that will help them with up in New York.

Retirement scorecard for 2014. Two of those districts are in my local area. We have a good chance of keeping Gerlach’s seat pro-gun, but Schwarz’s district is reliably Democratic, and the chance of turning that seat in favor of gun owners is very small. To be honest, I’d be happy enough just to avoid her becoming Governor.

Another victory brought to us by the people who like to carry guns at people.

Jeff Soyer notes that the number of homes with guns is increasing.

Thirdpower expect the City of Chicago will rewrite its law to create a de facto ban on selling guns rather than a de jure ban. I’d say the odds are very good he’s right.

A look at AR-15 muzzle breaks/flash suppressors/compensators.

What media bias?

Campus Weapons Policy. A discussion on Pennsylvania’s proposed rule changes, which I think are a step in the right direction. I’d note that there’s no law banning guns on college campuses in Pennsylvania, so it’s really only students that are affected. Though there could be trespass issues if you’re asked to leave and don’t.

An interesting graphic on crime and guns.

They really are against self-defense.

17 Responses to “Weekend News Links”

  1. ARL says:

    “A look at AR-15 muzzle breaks/flash suppressors/compensators.”

    I guess the SAFE Act was accurate after all.

  2. mike says:

    “Another victory brought to us by the people who like to carry guns at people.”

    The open carry brigade is at it again trying to get guns banned. There’s no handgun OC in Texas, and people like this guy will make sure that doesn’t change. But they’ll also try to get long gun OC banned while they’re at it.

  3. HappyWarrior6 says:

    Interesting article that casts doubt on the absolute linkage between liberals, allegiance to gun control, and the 2016 presidential race:

  4. Will says:

    Makes me wonder if any of these events are false flags.

    • Chem says:

      Have you dealt with the rabid OC types much? Even were it a false flag (have seen no indications), I dont doubt for a second that some of the OC types I have met are capable of doing something this DERPfilled.

  5. Arnie says:

    Praying for your dear wife’s recovery. That flu is hammering folks out here on the Prairie, too!

    • Sebastian says:

      Thanks Arnie. I think she’ll be fine. So far it’s progressing the same as any classic case of flu. She’s doing better today, and I expect tomorrow it’ll either be over, or mostly over.

      • Zermoid says:

        Question, did either or both of you get the flu shot?

        • Sebastian says:

          No. I went out and got one after I got it, just to immunize against any other strains that are floating around out there. But Bitter has not had one, no.

  6. Newjerseythomas says:

    With regard to out of staters getting PA carry permits. I know a few retired New Jersey police officers who got PA carry permits so that they could carry any gun while visiting their vacation homes in PA. Otherwise they could only carry what they paid to qualify with back home.

    • PA LTCF is inexpensive and lets you carry in more states, I believe. Better reciprocity.

      Moreover, if a NY judge arbitrarily yanks your NY pistol permit, could you not continue to carry (outside NY, at least) on your PA LTCF?

      Finally, you need an in-state permit to ignore the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act. No PA LTCF, no ability to legally carry inside a “school zone” — which is basically driving just about anywhere.

      • LC Scotty says:

        If a judge in NY yanks your LTC, you lose your pistols. You are required to have an LTC before you can own/possess/touch a handgun in NY.

        The LGS will not even allow you to handle a pistol while shopping unless you show a valid NY permit.

        • HSR47 says:

          “If a judge in NY yanks your LTC, you lose your pistols.”

          That only applies to pistols kept in NY.

  7. Re the TX open-carry thing:

    Why would you open a gun store (or a gun accessory store) inside a property where the management is hostile to your business? Even before the incident, the mall’s management made it clear they were hostile to all weapons and firearms related items.

    The bigger issue here is that Texas uses the force of law to require people to honor the 30-06 signs. IMHO, if a private business wants to keep gun owners out, then they should not get a special carve out of the law. They should be required to use the trespassing laws like everyone else. That would mean some sort of searches, metal detectors, etc to realistically enforce their policy.

    In any event, this was a clarifying incident that makes it absolutely clear where the mall stands. People who peaceably carry guns should take their business elsewhere rather than funding the enemy, and let the mall know why they lost their business.

  8. Tam says:

    You and I aren’t responsible enough to carry in places where they serve the Demon Rum…

    We don’t care about that here in Indiana. We already have a public intoxication law, so why pass a special one for guns?

  9. Steve says:

    Regarding the infographic, be careful with that one, as it’s a bit opportunistic. I wholly agree with the spirit, but note that it leaves off the ’94 ban. Again, nobody can argue with a straight face that the ’94 ban had any significant effect on homicide rates, but the selective use of gun control events on the timeline will open the presenter up to criticism.

  10. Sigivald says:

    On the Chicago thing, it makes me think that if they do that, maybe someone should just file an 18 USC 242 suit against whoever makes the policy, personally.

    Gun ownership is a civil right, and at some point that has to shade into deprivation of it under color of law.

    And if not, it’d still be a fun discovery and publicity process.