Another Bloomberg Funded Umbrella Group

Say what he will about his new group, “Everytown for Gun Safety“, I think this is a sign that he knows what he’s been doing isn’t working. Also notice that we’re back to the tired and shopworn term “Gun Saftey” instead of “Gun Control,” or “Illegal Guns.” I guess Bloomie feels like that ship is salvageable after all. But given the article featuring quotes from Bloomberg is so thick with ego and narcissism that you could mortar a brick wall with it …

“I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.” – Mike Bloomberg

… I’m not surprised he thinks he can salvage the S.S. Gun Safety from the bottom of McKelvey Trench. As much as I am worried that $50 million dollars is a hell of a lot of money for our side, and seat cushion money for Bloomberg, I also think Bloomberg is an excellent enough villain to our people (and to a lot of people honestly) that I don’t worry too much about this latest restructuring of his movement. If we stay engaged, and stay focused, we can beat him. I’d much rather have Mike Bloomberg as an opponent over Jim and Sarah Brady.

It’s also worth noting that this new umbrella group plans to drop gun and magazine bans and focus exclusively on ending private transfers. Perhaps they now are starting to understand that gun bans are out of reach for them, especially if they can’t even score minor victories. In truth, even ending private transfers is likely out of their reach given what they’ve managed to motivate with their latest campaign. In classic anti-gun fashion they have overreached and awoken the sleeping giant. It will be harder for them from here than it would have been if they had played their cards right to begin with.

But $50 million is nothing to sneeze at. Especially to Pennsylvanians, who probably don’t realize we are easily the next Colorado if we lose Corbett and the Republicans get scared enough, or lose control of the House or Senate. We are likely to face the brunt of that $50 million, which is nothing to get cocky about.

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  1. My favorite part was this:

    “And he seemed unaware of, or unwilling to acknowledge, the ways in which his own persona — of a billionaire, Big Gulp-banning former mayor of New York — could undercut his efforts, especially in rural, conservative states.

    ‘I don’t know what your perception is of our reputation, and mine, the name Bloomberg around the country,’ he said. But every place he goes, he added, ‘You’re a rock star. People yelling out of cabs, ‘Hey, way to go!’”

    Nothing could more clearly show how out of touch he is. He really doesn’t get that in most parts of the country, trying to pass laws about how big soda cups can be is seen as loony.

    1. A worry I had was that Bloomberg would become a “silent partner”. That he would simply bankroll groups but fade into the background.

      Fortunatly for us, his ego and pride are so massive that he seems incapable of doing that. And seems utterly incapable of realizing how most people see him.

    2. People yelling out of cabs. . .

      Well, THERE’S your problem, right there. You generally see fewer cabs at a cabstand at the bloody AIRPORT in most parts of the country than you do on a typical NYC or DC street.

      Reminds me of the NYC based reporter who reportedly said, “I don’t know how Nixon won the election. No one I know voted for him!

  2. Actually, I’m thinking this might prove to be his undoing. There aren’t that many “Swing States” left out there. Plus if he does get some Laws passed, they’ll probably be shot down in the Courts. Plus, with an Election coming up, how many Pols on the “Bubble” are willing to antagonize the Voters? Think of people like Landreiu in Louisiana. And RINO Scott Brown may not get his Carpet-Bagging filled in New Hampshire because of his Anti-Gun Support from Bloomberg. But we shall see.

    1. And because of Brown’s eager courting of the gun owner vote to get him elected the first time, followed by ignoring us once he got in office. FMOSOY,FMTSOM.

  3. The Facebook group just link to their old “Demand Action” FB page, which is now adorned with the new name. And the same whackos posting there pushing “Nobody should have a gun.”

    We’ll see what he can do but I don’t see a big surge in participation yet.

  4. I’d be thrilled if Mr. Bloomberg ponied up $50 million to promote gun safety. Unfortunately and as we all know, it will only promote gun control.

    And as to his self-righteousness and sailing straight into heaven … what a knucklehead. Back in the day when I believed in such a place, I thought you got there through faith, not through works. Whatever. He’s a frigging knucklehead.

  5. “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.” – Mike Bloomberg”

    …. Something about a camel passing through the eye of a needle comes to mind.

  6. He thinks he’s o a par with God?? Wait until you get there, Blowhard! He will stop you cold, judge you on the spot, and into Hell you go!

    1. I am calling you on this one. I suspect you have no better basis than Bloomberg to predict what will transpire once the man dies.

  7. I think they are stopping the Gun Ban and Magazine Ban idiocy because they see what has happened in CT and NY. People are just ignoring the laws, and the local politicians and Sheriffs are siding with the citizens. If it does not work in Deep Blue NY and CT, where will it work?

    The success of the three recall campaigns in CO also helped enlighten the pols.

    1. And that’s why the Private Transfer Ban is so appealing.

      An overt registry gives people forms to burn, ignore, and protest and a bright line showing that they really are after your guns.

      But saying all trasnfers have to go through an FFLL? There’s less backlash against that.

      There’d still be plenty of noncompliance (espeically for transfer bans that make it a felony to teach people shooting), but it’s an easier way for them to sneak in a registry.

  8. In terms of their supposedly limited goal … it’s not like there are any politicians for any party running on a platform of “Private transfer ban and nothing more!.” They may promote that as a primary issue, but 90% of them will then vote for whatever gun control comes down the pike.

    The trouble with this issue is that there is little compromise available and pols fall in the “pro” or “anti” category with little variation.

    1. And if they really really didn’t want to ban guns, magazines or get in the way of people using guns to protect themsevles…

      Well they could offer a deal. A federal ban on any statewide magazine or AWBs and national CCW reciprocity in exchange for a private sale ban.

      I mean if they don’t *want* to ban guns… then wouldn’t this be a painless deal?

  9. Underscoring his desire to work with both parties, Mr. Bloomberg is bringing on a new advisory board with prominent Republican and Democratic figures. Tom Ridge, the former Pennsylvania governor

    Well, that’s not really surprising…

  10. Here’s another thing. Bloomberg is now very publically saying he won’t push for magazine and gun bans. And yet last year he very actively pushed for said bans and pledged his support to politicians who voted for said bans.

    So… how would a politician who went out on a limb and vote fro gun control in say Colorado feel? Do they think Bloomberg was lying last year, or is he lying now?

    This also has them in a box where they’ve promised “No no, we don’t want to ban guns or magazines.”

    And sure they can (and probably will) happily jump out of the box and go “Now’s the time to ban these guns!”

    But then they become yet another example of the brazen lies and utter lack of trust the antis have.

    Heck, their supporters are already talking about banning guns.

  11. They do realize that private transfer bans are not enforceable, at all, right?

    The DOJ pointed out that since no one knows who has what guns now, if the authorities don’t actually witness a transfer, including exchange of money, there is no way for them to know whose firearm it was, or even that a transaction took place.

    Even demanding 4473’s wouldn’t be useful, if your possession is presumptively lawful there’s no requirement you remember where you bought something or maintain records of the transaction, and they couldn’t legally go store to store manually checking every 4473 every time.

    Their “supporters” are stupid enough to not realize that, but their leadership does know it and obviously sees it as the way to backdoor bootstrap meaningful registration during enactment.

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