What Media Bias?


When we saw a Facebook acquaintance post a story about the sheriff of Beaver County, Pennsylvania being place on house arrest with electronic monitoring while his ~700 guns are removed from the home as he awaits trial for threatening the lives of a campaign worker and a local reporter, we noticed something odd.

What was odd? There was no mention of party, nor did they make a big deal about an “arsenal” kept in the home. Sebastian told me, as I hit up Google to find any other stories about the case that might mention party affiliation since Pennsylvania’s sheriffs are elected in partisan elections, that he would put money on the fact that the guy is a Democrat. Well, one, two, three stories with no mention of party affiliation, and I started to believe him.

Then, with a few keystrokes, I found the election results page that confirmed the suspicions. George David ran as a Democrat against a GOP opponent in 2011 and now stands accused of threatening one of the campaign workers who helped him win that election. But isn’t it amazing how the party affiliation just magically dropped out of every single story written by locals and the wire?

UPDATE: A local website reports that the action that caused the order for removal of guns and house arrest is that the sheriff (allegedly) went into an area of his office he was ordered not to go, grabbed a long gun and began “racking” a long gun of some kind. According to the report, two of the alleged victims were in that part of the office the court ordered him to stay out of.

8 thoughts on “What Media Bias?”

  1. “an area of his office he was ordered not to go”?????

    Why would a Sheriff be ordered not to go into any part of his office?

    Read the linked article, better question, what use is a sheriff who can not legally possess a firearm?!?!

    1. Because two of the victims he is alleged to have been threatening work in that part of the building. He could go into his office, but he was ordered to stay out of other areas where people who have reported problems with him work.

  2. How did this guy acquire ~700 personal firearms?

    I mean, I’ve heard lots of jokes about “arsenals”, but that sounds like he could host his own gun show.

  3. Maybe he acquired his vast gun collection through seizure and confiscation under the ATF recommended guidline: “Always Think Forfeiture” -?

  4. Well, if any of you are wondering…

    The sheriff in question is a democrat. That in itself should be grounds for PICS and NICS to classify him as a person with a severe mental disorder.

    Nuf said.

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