17 thoughts on “Defiance”

  1. I could buy you a seal if you want. Then you can give every random piece of paper around the house, plus this document, your seal of approval. :)

  2. Or just a stamp would be cheaper. I did that for a niece of mine, one in green ink that said ‘Beth Approved’ and one in red ink that said NOT Beth Approved’. Those would be cheaper by far.

    1. That would depend on what she stamped, and how many times she stamped it.

      I have little kids. I speaketh from experience.

  3. A proper defiance would be to mail about 1,000,000 of these a month to the NYSP.

    1. A piece of advice to all resistance: take on the mob bosses, the governor, the elitists, the left, the progressives, the communists and socialists and the plutocrats. But do yourself a favor and stay clear of the bureaucrats.

      Those inside the machine who choose ink colors are a deadly sort: they have no face, no name and cannot be singled out from the crowd. You have no way to defend from them. They are invisible assassins. You do not want them to know your name. They will snicker at the “fuck you” because you are targeting one of their eternal enemies (management). But write it in blue instead of black, and you might forever disappear into an ocean of red ink, yourself.

      I really need to get a life outside the beltway some day.

  4. There are there checkmarks for shotgun and pistol?
    I thought they only wanted to register those evil black rifles?
    They wouldn’t be planning for more would they?

    (Smell the sarcasm?)

  5. If this is defiance (and I agree that it is), how would you characterize what happened in Bunkerville, Nevada?
    – Respectfully, Arnie

  6. Libs are screwing with you: firefox has flagged your site a ‘risk’ and makes you go thru extra steps to get here….

    1. And it’s perfectly safe to use HTTPS, but I have a self-signed certificate, so it throws up warnings about it. SSL isn’t meant for the general public to use. It’s only for me to be able to securely log in to the blog from elsewhere.

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