More Irish Democracy in New York

Bob Owens has a nice snap of a group of New Yorkers burning their registration forms. Rates of compliance for registration schemes have historically been very low. I seem to recall reading that even California’s Roberti-Ross ban in the late 80s had a compliance rate only a fraction of the estimated number of “assault weapons” in civilian inventory. It’s worth noting that post-Newtown, a proposal to confiscate all the registered firearms was floated in California, and it’s happened in New York and is about to happen in CT for those who foolishly filed late.

I also wonder how many of the registered firearms were considered “throw down guns”, kind of like a “throw down wallet” you’d use on a mugger. In other words, you register one, leave the unregistered ones as safe queens, bury them, or do whatever, and if they ever come for the registered one, you can sacrifice it because they don’t know about the 10 other rifles. Meanwhile you can shoot the registered one without worry you’ll get picked up by the authorities and charged. It wouldn’t be my plan, but I could see a lot of people who are “complying” are only making a show of it.

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  1. See, I’m confused. I thought registration was against federal law already. Or does that only apply to the Feds.

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