Bradys Actually Getting Involved in Violence Prevention?

For years now, we’ve all known that the whole “Gun Violence Prevention” cloak worn by our opponents was mostly a sham to put some nice new wrapping on stale antigun policies that had become unpopular. I ran across this particular article about the Brady Center teaming with Rubenstein associates, to reach out to young people with a “Speak Up” campaign. I went through the whole site looking for the antigun propaganda masquerading as violence prevention but couldn’t find it. Joe noticed the same article and couldn’t find it either.

Not that I trust these folks for a minute. I suspect they are starting off with the soft sell in regards to the gun violence prevention movement, or, like Joe mentioned, possibly have fundraising concerns in mind with this partnership. But the fact that they are being forced to try new things is a good thing for us, because that means the old things aren’t working. The Brady organizations are now stuck playing second fiddle to MAIG and MDA. Maybe they figure they need to go beyond just hating on guns and gun owners to survive.

3 thoughts on “Bradys Actually Getting Involved in Violence Prevention?”

  1. Somebody else picked up on this, and their comment was essentially in line with yours. They have to raise funds, and in order to do that, they have to be able to show results. Given their track record on the legislative side, this is what they are reduced to. I don’t trust them either, but this shows how far they have fallen, IMHO.

  2. They’re still a scorpion and will sting you…it’s their nature.

    Just having once upon a time called for my disarmament makes them my eternal enemy.

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